https security

  • why is https only when using google?
    While using firefox or internet explorer its http only.
    And btw what is going on today, time after time, with the 403 forbidden in google chrome?
    Cant access anything without it appearing, not even radio stations.

  • When you start ti have that kinda of issues, pease clean your browser coockies and it should be okay. I don't know about that https tho... i will ask Devs.

  • The problem is not on my side.
    I have cleaned everything several times and still....
    Right now nothing works. all i get is, 403 forbidden.
    No radio stations, no profile, nothing....

  • Are you sure ? The website is working preety much okay for me ?

  • Im pretty sure yes. Refreshed more than 10 times two different pages, in order
    for it to work again....

    I believe its that ddos protection crap causing the trouble, cause in the URL
    when the 403 appears, it writes blazing fast and some other things.
    If it happens again i will copy paste.

  • @Bitiofor @Bo
    Problems login here too.
    I think is due ddos protection too, bc captcha don't load properly.

    edit: can't login in firefox, tryed with chrome and login ok.

  • clean cookies and reload the page or w8 1-2 hours

  • now there is the problem in Chrome as well, with this 403, or 502 sometimes

  • The other bug:
    If it`s the time to enter captcha, but my browser is checkin on DDOS - I need to reload all the tabs. Its really stupid.
    Err 403 - got sometimes. Need to close all tabs and open again

    Coocies and so on - refreshed every morning at startup

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