How to Set Up BitRad wallet and Account.

  • Hello, as allot of user's have issues setting up the wallet into their account's decited to make this little guide.

    1. To use BitRad website, and earn money (Brocoin) you have to Register in BitRad.Io first.
    • You just have to go at the main page http://BitRad.Io Click on the LogIn tab then on the Register, just fill your details in there: account id, e-mail, passwords and e.t.c.
    • After you sent your Registration, an confirmation E-mail should come into your setted E-mail (Check the spam folder as well)
    • Activate your account and you are ready to go!
    1. Download Wallet!
    • You can download wallet from DOWNLOAD WALLET section.
    • Choose your OS download the wallet and start it.
    • Messege Out of Sync. will appear and a green bar on wich will be announced how many weeks/days/hours you are behind from bitrad blockchain.
    • It may take a while to Sync the wallet, this depends only from your Internet connection!
    • If you have any problems with the Sync. Check this out This Topic it will help you!
    1. So... after you set up your Registration and Wallet is Sync you can start to earn some Bro without any problems. For this pourpose you need to Create Receive adress in your downloaded and syncronyzed wallet.
    • To create a new adress for Receivings open up your Wallet and go to Receive Section, At the buttom at the Wallet you will see a little tab New Adress click there, the system will ask you to put a label on it you may set up a laber "BitRad" or whatever you want, usually this is Optional setting so you can just click OK and a new adress for receiving will be created.

    • After you create your New adress for Receive open up > Go to your Profile and you will see there an empy table with label Payoyt-Adress, Copy the Receive adress from your wallet and paste in there. Click on Save Changes and you are done.

    • You may see an Red messege: Don´t use a wallet address from an exchange. You will loose all your coins. This messege stays all the time in the website because if you set up payoyt adress for an Exchanger your coins will prob. just dissapear, so just don't do that. This mean's that you must not put Payout-Adress from Tradesatoshi, Novaexchange or either Cryptopia.

    • Well... i think this was it, it's not hard it's actually super easy, but some new user's in this Buisness as Cryptoccurency are taking a hard time on it. We all have been there so... :D

    • Okay guys. Happy earning and if you need any help don't hasitate do visit our Telegram Chat, Our Discord or just Create a Topic with a question in our Forum and we will answer as fast as we can!

    BTW: A new section was created in the forum -Guides- i will reward any user who make a helpfull guide / explanations for our new user's! If course i will not just Reward anyone who post something like... To set up masternode just go to Debug window and check the Commands. The guide must be good,helpfull and understandable from the users.!
    Regards: Bo!

  • Hi - I downloaded the wallet on the 21st Sept - its unlocked and have been receiving rewards and was able to send coins brought from Nova Exchange and have earned mining rewards - however I can not send any Bro from my wallet to an external address - please help ?

  • Of course you can... Just go to the wallet and click on the Send tab. After that place adress into the Pay To Table and just send the coins...

  • @Bo Hi sorry I think you misunderstand - I am very adept at sending and receiving - I have several other crypto wallets - I go to the send tab - I enter the address I want to send to - I give it a label - I put in the amount I want to send that is available less the fee - the box appears for my passphrase I enter the passphrase and nothing happens I press send and it just keeps asking for my passphrase which I enter again - it keeps sending me round in circles - I even turned off my PC and restarted it and the Wallet - It even accepted more incoming coins from Nova - but it still will not let me send - what I want to do is send the full amount to an external address and then back in again as one lump sum so it is a larger amount mining and not small increments. I have the windows wallet.

  • Hi,
    can I use the Paperwallet for Payouts?
    br Dirm

  • @dirm Yes, you can do that. But first, make you sure you can handle the Paper wallet.

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