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    Hello everyone,

    first i want to apologize because you all had to wait a long time for an update. With this post i want give you more Information about the actual status.

    • More time for
      As you all know I have a full-time job and I am not able to be online a lot at the moment. I have to do a lot at the moment and I have to spend more time for this website and the community. I know that and I am sorry because I cant do it at the moment. But I will change this. From 01.01.2018 I will quit my current job and will work more than 5 days a week on the website because I believe in this project and this community. I´m sure we will soon be the biggest website for streaming radio stations in large parts of the world. The stats from Alexa are great. We do great in a lot of countries. Especially in Russia to name one example. - A global Rank of 35.000 is great. But this is not the end.
      I would like to thank all users for the loyalty. I also want to say THANKS, A LOT for all of you helping new users in our Forum and on the Telegram Channel and telling friends about Without you, it would not be possible. I was hoping we get a lot of users. But I never thought we had nearly 70,000 users in 6 months. without advertising. I know that this also leads to dissatisfaction since not all questions/support tickets can be answered. Next, i want to give you some updates.
    • IOS / Android App:
      We have not started yet with these Apps. I wish it would go faster. We will have one. I can not tell you a date yet. But there will be one.

    • Online Ads for
      As you know we have not made any ADS for Bitradio. We will start a bigger campaign in the beginning of the next year. We will bring a lot of attention to BRO and Bitradio next year.

    • Masternodes & Payouts for Oktober:
      Because of some problems with our VPS Service provider we will have to setup all BRO Maserndes new and change the Provider. We also will do the payouts for September within the next 48 hours. After that, we will switch to another VPS service. All users which have shares of masternodes will not pay a fee for September and for October. The hosted nodes are free for this period. All Masternodes get also fixed earning of 100 BRO (more than the real earnings. I will buyback BRO to compensate this)

    • BRO Burning Masternodes:
      As promised I will setup 1 Dash Masternode and 5 BRO Masterndes and 5 Neos Masternodes for one year. All coins we earn will go to the Burning address. (BUYBACK BRO AND BURN)
      I made the setup of the Dash Masternode already. The Node earns DASH and I will sell these Dash, buyback BRO and burn them.
      You can watch the earnings here. This is the public key from the Masternode:
      This month I will also set up the 5 BRO and 5 Neos Masternodes. I will also post the Links of the public keys.
      I will use Cryptopia to sell Dash and buy BRO. For Neos I will user Bittrex to convert Coins to BTC and buy then BRO on Cryptopia. The first 0,14 BTC will be burned the next days.

    • OSX Wallet:
      At the moment I have no building environment up to compile the new wallet. BUT everything is working fine also with the Version 1.0.0. I am in contact with people who will compile the new wallet. But its okay if the wallet isn’t updated. Everything is working fine. If someone from the community having a building environment up, please let me know.

    • Trademark:
      We have registered a trademark for Bitradio in Europe. Other countries and regions will follow soon. I will inform you if I can add some News about this.

    • Paid user Account:
      This new feature will be Live in November. More details will be released at the End of October about the features.

    • ICO:
      We started the 4th round of the ICO. It will end on Oktober 8th. The next one will not start until the new year. We have to make more progress on the Website / App to do another one. I will also post an announcement of the ICO later today. I am sure the price will increase in these last 3 Days. We habe 67.000 Users.

    • Forum Posts & ICO Issius:
      I will look at all posts and contact the users if there were Problems during the last Ico. All users will get their BRO.

    • Cryptopia is not delisting BRO.
      As you know we will not be delisted on cryptopia. The issues we had with slow confirmations and spamming the Blockchain with microtransactions were fixed and you are able to trade BRO on Cryptopia.

    • Videostreaming:
      We have implemented a new feature for streaming videos on the page today. This is also a very first Beta. At the moment we will "stream" the League of Legends Worlds Live. A lot more to come for eSports and Video streaming. We will also embed Youtube Video (music and crypto stuff and more) We also bought a new Domain. I will tell you the name at the end of Oktober when the purchase is of this registered domain is completed.
      If you like eSports an League of Legends please join. I will also post this information on twitter and on other cannels.



  • Good news! Thanks!

  • The project is really great.

  • Good news! is getting bigger and bigger.

  • That's why server is down?

  • administrators

    no Blazingfast had Problems. :-(

  • Hello... Thanks for the update I've supported bro coin since day one. But I just wanted to know is there another crowd sale going on right now? I just wanted to double check and make sure before I decide to buy more!

  • @peppy yes, there's an ico4 currently happening: .

  • @wiewiorka Do we receive the coins after the ico has ended ? I'm not sure how it works when we get the coins we received from what I've read

    1. stage:
      937.500 BRO get offered. Buying is possible through bitcoins and altcoins. All users which pay an amount will get a share of the 937.500 coins. Example: 1.000.000 coins: user A pays 0,01 bitcoin, user B pays 0,01 bitcoin, user C pays 0,02 bitcoin. If 0,04 bitcoin were paid in total at the end of stage 1, user will get awarded the following amounts of BRO:

    User A = 25% = 250.000 BRO
    User B = 25% = 250.000 BRO
    User C = 50% = 500.000 BRO

    Only the market and demand influence the price.

    1. stage:
      2.000.000 coins offered through the same system. No fixed price.

    2. stage:
      2.000.000 coins offered through the same system. No fixed price.

    3. stage:
      2.000.000 coins offered through the same system. No fixed price.

    4. stage:
      3.000.000 coins offered through the same system. No fixed price.

    What stage are we on? and if were on the 4th stage does that mean we only get a certain amount?

  • @peppy We're on the 4th stage and it means that 2,000,000 BRO will be shared among the current ICO participants. The price is not fixed and depends on the number of participants and his/her share (of bitcoins in the total amount of sent bitcoins). As more and more participants join the BRO price is growing and is finally set when ICO ends.

  • @peppy yes, we're expecting our coins after the ico has ended.

  • @wiewiorka I'm still a little confused as to how the amount of BRO is determined. So we don't know how much BRO we are actually going to get until after the ico? On the Crowdsale page for the website is says its 0.00000468 per BRO coin. I bought about 0.00500000 or 21.00$ and it says 1,078 BRO at that rate. Will that amount change? Thanks for your help just a bit confusing.

  • @peppy you're welcome! Yes, we don't know the exact amount of bro we're going to receive yet.. Usually more people are joining close to the end of ico and your share decreases. You can try update the crowdsale page after some time to see the difference.

  • super nouvelles !! merci admin, bon courage ;)

  • is anyone experiencing a issue of not paying out to wallet the site claims that I made 1.7 BRO but my wallet said that I made 0.00 BRO is anyone else experiencing this issue as well

  • No payments to my wallet since 10/8/17 and no BRO or Activity Points have been accumulated for my time spent since then either.

  • @TheActiveHiveLLC same thing with me too the site claims i made 1.7 BRO but the wallet said 0.00 BRO even with a new address same thing since september 3rd of this year

  • how can i get my coins for ICO4?

    i have forget to setup my payout adress.

    do you already have your coins from ICO4?

  • i have received my coins

    thank you for fast and good support!

    also a good security check i really have bought them. good job!

    Uwe should post ICO4 payment list for fully transparency

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    I have to do a lot at the moment and I have to spend more time for this website and the community. I know that and I am sorry because I cant do it at the moment. But I will change this. From 01.01.2018 I will quit my current job and will work more than 5 days a week on the website because I believe in this project and this community.

    Hello Uwe, what is going on?

    I am from NBG City. Running MN. Really like to support ...

    but you are not reachable. :-(

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