Recaptcha over and over again

  • Arent we doing enough with this crap already? Now you added a new one?
    We have to do a recaptcha during login, then another one when we choose a station, then when the time is up, we have to enter another one.'

    And since this is not enough, a new one appears now.
    The screen goes all black, the recaptcha appears on the left screen with a Red Verify Me button, below it.
    After you do this, you need to do another one so that the counter for the radio station, keeps counting.

    I think you need to get serious people and start fixing annoyances like this one.
    It is unreal.

  • administrators

    @Bitiofor i think these problems are apparently connected with the blazingfast on the server, I hope these problems will dev be able to solve with the move to the new one. From dev " We also bought a new Domain. I will tell you the name at the end of Oktober when the purchase is of this registered domain is completed."

  • Even I have the same problem.
    google recaptcha is the worlds worst captcha ever.
    even if you do it correctly it appears again and again. There are occasions when I tried for 5 minutes and gave up.

    I request admin of change captcha for something else.

  • administrators

    @Inconite you can offer something in return to keep out bots, I'll pass that along to the developer.

  • Of course im a not against an antibot system, if it works right.
    Doing one after a specific period of time is goodm as it was so far at some point.
    But now we have to do, 2 of them in a row, so that the counter keeps running.

    I am in a radio station, then i want to go to the profile, and the new one
    (Black screen with the red verify me button on the left ) appears.
    Why do i need to do a recaptcha again to see my profile....?

    Once during login and another one for the radio counter are enough i think.
    All the rest are needless.
    Im hoping in a fast solution.

    A bit of edit here.
    I think that google's recapthca is the best out there at the moment.
    So this is the one to have in spite the fuss.

  • administrators

    @Bitiofor I guess that's kind of the struggle with scripts, certainly not a very convenient solution for users , certainly not a very convenient solution for users, if no errors it will be good)

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