Masternode setup

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    masternode full, you need:

    • pc and internet on 24/7
    • ip static (public ip valid)
    • 2500.0001BRO

    on local pc:
    in the wallet in the menu: help> debug
    on console tab:

    getnewaddress <label for node>
    copy new address
    *save on notepad or email... but save. ok?

    sendtoaddress <address generated> 2500

    and wait confirmations

    after confirmations return console tab:

    masternode genkey
    *save key generated

    on console:
    masternode outputs
    *save outputs

    go to server masternode
    on masternode pc create file: C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Bitradio\Bitradio.conf
    on masternode pc create file: /home/<username>/.Bitradio/Bitradio.conf

    add on file:

    masternodeprivkey=<key genereted>
    externalip=<ip static (ip of vps/dedicated server)>

    *save and close file

    Return to local pc...

    on local pc create file: C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Bitradio\masternode.conf
    on local pc create file: /home/<username>/.Bitradio/masternode.conf

    add on file:
    MN1 <static ip>:32454 <key generated> <outputs> <number after ":" on ouputs>

    save and close file

    restart wallet client

    On wallet go masternodes > my master node
    and select and start

    (For a masternode with VPS look at:

  • NOW FOR THE 2500!!! im only at 202 atm after the crowdsale olny question is coinmarket cap right in saying that 10 mil is max!!!! will the block payout get much smaller????

  • @lorilian1
    I'm afraid so.
    Dash is similar as well; they have more than 4500 masternodes, and block rewards for masternodes are fixed at 45%; whether you have 10 masternodes or 4500 masternodes, you have fixed block rewards. Now what promoted the increase of the masternodes is the rising price of dash coin, so even if you get less, the rising price made it up.

    Hopely, it will be the same case with Bitrad, however, block rewards for Bitrad masternode is much smaller at 10%, where rest of the 80% goes to radio listeners and 10% goes to coin holders.

  • wow thanks so you mean 10% is staking????

  • Yes, 10% PoS, 10% Masternode, 80% to radio station listeners.

  • How can I run 2 or more master nodes?
    I do exactly the same operation again and my first node stops working

  • @Dizz888 are you trying to use the same ip address? if yes, it won't work this way.

  • @wiewiorka
    no absolute different ip address

  • @Dizz888 ok, my other guess is that you're using the same 2500 bro (or maybe part of this 2500 bro) to set up the 2nd master node. If you switch on coin control feature can you make sure you have separate 2500 bro for each master node?

  • @wiewiorka said in Masternode setup:

    coin control

    how can I enable coin control?
    I tried this command "coin control" it does not work

  • @wiewiorka

    all i figured out how to include coin control
    Thank you

  • This post is deleted!

  • if Pos and Masternode get the same reward then whats the point of running a MN? Am I missing something?

  • does this way work for the latest MacBook ?

  • need help setting up my master node for my MacBook with newest updates. Are there any youtube videos?

  • @jrich06nj1
    Hello & welcome,

    Unfortunately, not many people utilize their pricecy MacBook as masternode.
    Bitrad is modifed fork of Dash, and Dash forum is very strong with masternode support.
    You may find the infor. there.
    If you set it up, please share here.

    However, I would recommend that you use a linux VPS for masternode.
    A VPS server can be as low as $3 per month, $36 per year.

    Here is why:

    1. You need a dedicated public IP address
    2. You want masternode to run 24/7
    3. You probably want to seperate 'masternode controller wallet
      from the one inside the masternode.
      So that even if your masternode PC or server gets hacked,
      they can not take any coin or mess with wallet database.
    4. You could spend more time trying to get it to work on Mac vs linux.
      Think about it. It's only $36 per year to get it to work on linux VPS,
      and there are tons of guides available.
      But if you take this route of Mac setup, you could possibly end up spending a few days.

    Good luck!

  • @kahmed said in Masternode setup:

    if Pos and Masternode get the same reward then whats the point of running a MN? Am I missing something?

    Network weight for staking is over 1 million right now, so even with 5000 BRO you will not get more reward then with a single Masternode

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