Google Re-Captcha Problems (How to solve)

  • Hello, as we all know, Google Recaptcha have it's own problem's and it's involving people in them as well. You can simple get rid of the 2-3-5 time's solving a captcha without success! It's easy and simple. Google Recaptcha uses most of the times your Google account and your coockes to show up and to be solved. For the pourpose to not solve it 5 time's without success you just have to clean your coockies!

    How to clean coockies ?

    • Just go to the Options on your Browser then follow up on History > You should have an option there something like - Clean your browser history and coockies > Put an note on Cache clean and just clean it. Then you will not have issues with the recaptcha for at least few hour's of solving.

    • You can use anonimouse browsing. If you use browsing anonimous also solves your problem's with 2-3 unssuccesifull solvings. And you can solve it from the first time.

    • Log out of your Google, Youtube e.t.c. Accounts! If you use chrome just logout of your browser google account and you will no longer have struggles with solving the captcha of Google.

    • This is not a topic about the Captçha wich requires to solve it every 2 hour's! This is solving the problem with solving the captcha from first time!

    Regards: Bo!

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