Why didn't ico launched through bittex instead of managing by yourself?

  • I think it is more trustworthy if ICO launched on bigger exchange like bittrex rather than on your website. No one knows who is really investing and not falsely manipulated by any means.

  • We were made to believe that we can get BRO at very low price and seconds before the end of the BRO ICO, the price is just around 0.04 and now it's 0.12. That means that more people including I were allowed to buy BRO after the ICO. In fact my bitcoin deposit were received the next day after the ICO.

  • I think you need to pay a handsome fee to be on bittrex.
    Additionally, to have ICO done with bittrex involvement, another handsome fee.

    As someone who participated in ICO 3, ICO 4,
    even I waited and put in my money towards the end of the ICO 4 upon watching the price, and I definitely saw quick rise in price in last 8 hours.

    This is both bad for me & a good as well:
    It is bad since I bought a bit high,
    but it's good since Bitrad has attracted more people,
    interest, thus the price of Bitrad coin has increased.

    ICO 4:
    Final price: 0.00002623 BTC, ~ (at $4567 per BTC) = $0.11979241 per BRO
    Number of Bitrad Users: 71581
    (BTW, the real final price will be reflected when the ICO 4 cashout is over.)

    ICO 3:
    Final price: 0.00003007 BTC, ~ (at $2561 per BTC) = $0.07700927 per BRO
    Number of Bitrad Users: 34013

    As you can see, # of Bitrad users has doubled since the end of ICO3 (July 26).
    Plus the fact that ICO 5 is next year, which is like 3 month away.
    Anyway, I like this project, and think it's heading in the right direction.

  • why people would buy 52btc of bro more expensive than on cryptopia?
    while the daily exchange is 0.05btc
    moreover an ico on cryptopia is not realy expensive but it is less easy to manipulate the price
    I'm glad I didnt buy much, i will buy on cryptopia
    alt text

  • @chunnorris

    You answered your own question.
    It's the volume. The trading volume is so low that if you tried to buy or sell anything above the trading volume, especially a market price order, you will have pay either substantially more or less for your BRO shares.

    I think this is what happened to ETH, when it became $13 in June this year.

    Besides, if you are hanging out here on Bitrad, obviously, you see some value in this project. At worst, you can stream radio for free. I personally enjoy listening to music and radio. And I only see this project getting better & attracting more people as Bitrad starts to do marketing, ads, and starts offering more services & improve the radio listening experience. This will only increase the value of future BRO ICO shares.

    I participated in ICO 3 & 4, and I got my fingers crossed and hoping that Bitrad remain less popular during ICO periods, so that I and other can acquire at lesser price. Dang it, it's getting more & more popular!

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