How much coins do I need to be able to stake?

  • Hello guys,

    Im not really long at Bitradio. I farmed 12BRo so far but I still have to wait 40-60days to be able to earn the POS-Reward of 0,5BRO

    So I wanted to ask you if you know, how much BRO I would need to make earn 0,5BRO a day. Maybe someone of you has more BRo than I do and can tell me how much they earn?

    Best regards

  • I think you need around 1000 bro to get at least 0.5 per 24 hours, if you are like :).

  • If you could get 0.5 BRO per day with only owning 100 or so, you'll have high devaluation. In the end everybody has a lot of worthless coins (like Bytecoin e.g. ...)

    This seems to be a Problem of PoS.

    Br Dirm

  • is there at least, an approximate way to calculate the incoming based on the stake amount?

  • @Criptoproject wallet already have inside a calculator. Put mouse under energy logo

  • @udev Thanks for quick answer. This calculator only show time based on your current weight, I wish to get some kind a table or relation between weight and earns and weight and stakes...

  • @Criptoproject i don't remember where i saw this, search on forum...

  • @udev sorry to tell you this, but this answer coming from you as administrator is a little rude... any way, I search manually (as search motor doesn't work) the forum and I don't see answer to my question that why I raise it.

  • @Criptoproject said in How much coins do I need to be able to stake?:

    relation between weight and earns and weight and stakes...

    What do you mean, "earns / stakes"? It's the same thing! In any case, the weight has only an influence on the staking.

    Normally you would see here (Menu Extraction) how many users staking and how many don't staking. Unfortunately, this is not shown on this coin:!extraction
    By way of comparison, you can see it on the LEET Coin:!extraction

    Every 2 minutes a new block is calculated. 5 BRO reward per block (4 BRO for all listeners + 0.5 BRO for one staker + 0.5 BRO for one masternode).
    It means 1,314,000 new BRO coins per year. (about 12% of existing coins)
    The radio listeners will receive 1,051,200 BRO and the stakers will receive 131,400 BRO (additionally 131,400 BRO will be given to the masternode operators)

    For example, if your weight is 0.1% (at the moment 567.65924399 BRO) of the network weight, you will get 131.4 BRO each year, the time to the expected reward is 120,000 sec = 33.33 hours (network weight / your weight * 120 sec block time), you will get 0.72 rewards per day and 262.8 rewards per year.
    131.4 BRO / 262.8 rewards = 0.5 BRO per reward = 0.36 BRO per day

    That's 23% annual rate of your invest. (131.4 / 567.66)

    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every week your need a balance of 113 BRO (network weight / 5040 blocks per week).
    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every day your need a balance of 788 BRO (network weight / 720 blocks per day).
    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every hour your need a balance of 18922 BRO (network weight / 30 blocks per hour).
    These values base on a network weight of 567659 BRO.

  • @Hui Thanks for your answer, now I have a better idea.

  • @Criptoproject
    I added some more details above...

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