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    In this topic i will put the most important things for the new users of BitRad.Io!
    The information has been downloaded from the Telegram English chat group of BitRad.
    Last update: 19-10-2017

    No spam, no insults are alloud in on Telegram or on the forum.

    After one warning you will be banned.

    Be respectfull to other users. Stupid questions don't excist, only stupid answers.

    The latest wallets

    (debian) :
    (mac)    :
    (github) :

    How To

    1	Download the wallet of your choice from one of the links above.
    2	Install the wallet.
    3	Let the wallet sync. This can take a while.
    4	Login on your Bitradio account.
    5	Listen to 1 of the 50.000 radiostations.
    	(Your earnings will stay on your profile page until step 9.)
    6	When the wallet is sync click on the receive tab in the wallet.
    7	Click right on the adress select copie adress.
    8	Go to your profile page on and copie the adress.
    9	When your balance is more then 0.1 BRO it will be send to your wallet.


    We allow 4 accounts on 1 IP. But you can't use your reflink to multiple
    accounts, this results in a BAN.
    You can have 4 accounts with 1 wallet. Go to the receive tab in your wallet
    and click on "new adress". Right click on the new adress and copy it on the
    new account you have made.
    When you make more then 4 accounts your IP will be banned.


    Normally you mine with your computer and get coins as a reward. 
    Thats how transactions are confirmed. Thats called Proof of Work (PoW).
    But there is also a System called Proof of Stake (PoS).
    The transaction confirmations are not done with hardware but with already 
    owned coins. An amount of your coins are on the stake, while they are used 
    for staking. That depends a little on the implementation.
    But basically you get a certain percentage of your coins as a reward.
    Some people think, they can "earn" here, but that's nonsence, because if 
    the market cap stays stable, the single coins are worth less, if new coins 
    are generated. So you just "keep" your value, if you are staking. And "loose", 
    if you are not... Its like in a bank if you get 2% interest and the inflation 
    is 2% as well. You only "earn", if there are transaction fees and if those are 
    also payed to the staker.
    ATTENTION: Your wallet must be unlocked to stake.

    Some usefull links:

    Telegram groups:
    English Bitradio chat:
    Nederlandse Bitradio chat:
    French Bitradio chat:
    German BitRadio chat:
    Nordic BitRadio chat:
    India Bitradio chat:
    Indonesia Bitradio chat:
    Poland Bitradio chat:
    Spanish BitRadio chat:
    Russian BitRadio chat:
    Italian Bitradio chat:

    Bitradio Blockchain Explorer:

    CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations:

    Nova exchange:

    Cryptopia exchange:


    Setup VPN Masternode:

    Explanation Proof of Work & Proof of Stake:

    Put the following lines in your bitradio.conf

    For Linux users:

    Make once a week a backup from your wallet.dat.
    Windows users (c:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Bitradio\wallet.dat) (windows)
    Linux users (/home/$USER/.Bitradio/wallet.dat)

    If you must reinstall bitradio.exe or reinstall on a other
    PC then first put the wallet.dat back in:

    Then startup bitradio.exe and be patient.

    If you have any technical questions about the wallet
    send a PM to @christianjohannesen in Telegram.

    If you have any Linux questions about the wallet
    send a PM to @nocs90 in Telegram.

  • hi
    with 2 pc with same ip i will earn 2 times more or the rewars are divided?

  • @Bo do i need diff. emailadresses, to setup the allowed 4 accounts, or can i use the one i signed in, and change wallet adress

  • @affenmann666 if you are asking by create 4 different accounts, will need 4 email adress and 4 diferent registration required.

  • @joao ty

  • ok i tried to setup second account but i dont get activationlink sent

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