How long does staking take? 8 days?

  • How long does it take to start staking? I don't remember if i read this here but is it 8 days? When i check my wallet it says 420 days but that drops so i know that has nothing to do with it really!

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    @jackhammer500, From what I understood by studying the files on Github, I made a conclusion for myself that:

    1. Only mature coins consider when stakinge. Calculated by the formula: unsigned int nStakeMinAge = 8 * 60 * 60; // 8 hours (After 8 hours, the coin is considered mature)
    2. Stacking requires 250 confirmations. Proof: int nStakeMinConfirmations = 250; (After your generated coin has signed 80 blocks that went to the network and received a minimum of 250 confirmations of finding these blocks on the network - you can spend it (the coin generated)
    3. The award for PoS includes such components: Index block, the previous index (I do not understand what it is), the age of the coin, the commission. Proof: int64_t GetProofOfStakeReward (const CBlockIndex * pindexPrev, int64_t nCoinAge, int64_t nFees)


  • Thank you for that detailed response very much appreciated.

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