Masternode rewards

  • Hi, I'm new in the crypto and I decided to invest in as I really like this project.
    I just started a masternode on my computer but I'm not sure how much BRO's need to receive /24h
    It depends of the computer speed/gpu?
    I will get faster BRO's if I run the node on a server?
    Can be installed on CENTOS 6.9?

    Any other tips are welcome. Thanks

  • @RM6Y Hello & welcome.

    Bitrad is PoS + Masternode. (Not PoW)

    BRO rewards are distributed as following:
    80% to radio listeners
    10% coin holders (PoS)
    10% masternodes

    To run a masternode, you need 2500 BRO,
    and once you have set it up right & synched up to date.
    It will be getting BRO rewards split among all masternodes.

    To answer your question, No, you will NOT get more if you use faster server.
    However, I do recommed you use seperate server from your home PC
    since your IP address becomes public, and you want to seperate your controller wallet
    from your masternode wallet. (in case your server gets compromised)

    There are VPS providers with monthly plans. ($5 per month)

    Enjoy radio & earn rewards!

  • thanks for quick reply.

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