Nesluchaynoe radio (Non-Random Radio) (Russia)

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    Nesluchaynoe radio (Non-Random Radio)

    This unique collection of Russian and foreign music.Individual approach to rock music makes our station special.
    Tapped new, young or lesser-known groups, and only those who deserve it, aired Nesluchaynoe radio.
    Don't forget the underground rock, ESPECIALLY give the classics of RUSSIAN and foreign rock. Pamper lyrics rock, a little Blues rock and jazz. Beaudry under hard rock, punk,metal and alternative. On the radio you can ALWAYS hear something new and not previously declared in the air.
    Nesluchaynoe radio - ONLY FOR THOSE WHO know how to LISTEN!

    ГЛАВНАЯ - Неслучайное Радио (Nesluchaynoe radio)

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