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    On the video you said about if somebody will buy BRO your % of shares become less than you gave on the момент you make this video. How it can happen if only 975.000 bro you have for sale ? 975000 +100% it mean 1% = 9750 BRO , and if I have this amount of BRO the rest of saleable coin have to go down it has to be 99% of 975000 / But you said you always have 975000 for sale see your video from 7:15 So what is the reason participate in crowdsale if every new participant lower your balance??? It looks like place 100 bucks to saving account and if somebody else put money to bank your money will loos something/ Please correct me if I am something wrong understand

  • @admin The cost of the coin is not quite clear, according to calculations I should have 13300 bro, but it shows only 2828 BRO.
    User: 6286

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    yes. we have a small bug in this feature. we will correct it!

  • @admin I have the following issue with your ICO:

    I made the small test depost to ICO bitcoin address and the crowdsale transaction was counted properly, that's ok.

    Then I made another bigger deposit to the same ICO bitcoin address. This transaction has over 60 confirmations on bitcon network, but not counted on your ICO page.

    Please correct this problem. Should you need more information please provide your contact details to send the transactios' ID.

  • Hi!!! 15.05.2017 in the section "crowdsale" made two transaсtion:

    1. on a purse 1BKFJyXwKdu8Thtavr9Wf5ULnnJNo1GX7Z a transaсtion: e1ddab17ba6b0db371c09fea7b1f7c7d1fad4ba524d63deb4de0efbd95ef98c5 - still unconfirmed (in the Blockchain system), but on the website was displayed with the status unconfirmed!
    2. I made the second on a purse (on the website in the section "crowdsale" pressed to update a purse) 1FMPTiPB5YE2fWnurmyjGWQD9GFqNaZLqV
      transaction: cf28b7d6da0c4719b2005822511e2e5c0d9164f755555252f5239f5a26c3b4a0 - CONFIRMED (in the Blockchain system), but on the website ( DIDN'T APPEAR!
      What to do? It will improve???
      Excuse for bad English))))

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    this is not a problem. my english is also bad.
    Payouts should work now... Can you confirm?

    P.S you have to add a Bitradio BRO Address on our Website not a Bitcoin address...

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    @alice said in ICO 975.000 Coins for sale:

    I made another bigger deposit to the same ICO bitcoin address.

    your deposit is also shown in your account now?

  • @admin 1) I have entered the address from Wallet (PC) into a profile on the website everything well.

    1. From three made transaction, two were confirmed, one and hangs...
    2. On the website shows % of a share and the number of the bought BRO! But in Wallet in PC DOESN'T SHOW! Only quantity for listening...
      Or can will are registered after official entry into ICO ?!
      To stat and when are on ICO?

    1. Great! Your prepared to receive you payments!

    2. This fault is not on our Side! As stated in "As told in " - Test ICO final result" thread your Transaction was not accepted by the Bitcoin Network yet. As soon as it got 5 confirmations there you will earn your reward in % from the ICO.

    3. Your part of the bought ICO Coins will be send to your Wallet shortly after the ICO Sale is officialy finished - 01d:16h:04m:20s till it's over, atm!

    Until then you'll only be rewarded for the Minutes you spend hearing to a Radio Station!

    Hope this answers your question in deep.
    If not let me, usually 1 Post should do the Job as I read and answer them all!

    best regards, Azu

  • @azu Thanks was explained! I will hope generally that my podvisshy transaction will take place and everything at me will be good)))
    P.S. lately upsets! I did other two transaction with Cryptonator wallet - and there are no problems with the commission in 0.0001 fixed!!! if suddenly for whom it is necessary here the link:

  • @admin I just realized that I will be driving through Nürnberg today. Considering I am now heavily invested in this project especially on promotional aspects, are you chanced for an improtu meeting this evening? It could be for a beer or just a short chit-chat I don't mind it... I will greatly appreciate all the same. Thanks :smiley:

  • Yesterday I listed CROWDSALE 0.02291703 BTC to 0.00000775 that was = 2957 BRO = 0.3%
    Today I see that 0.24% of the 2,340 BRO
    Current price / 1 BRO 0.00000990 BTZ

    Why does this happen?

  • @Aist said in ICO 975.000 Coins for sale:

    Yesterday I listed CROWDSALE 0.02291703 BTC to 0.00000775 that was = 2957 BRO = 0.3%
    Today I see that 0.24% of the 2,340 BRO
    Current price / 1 BRO 0.00000990 BTZ

    Why does this happen?


    While the ICO is not closed the corresponding BRO are an estimate, the more btc people send less BRO corresponds and more value has


  • @azu Interestingly it turns out - % BRO 195, 0.02 at the price 0.00000175 BTC has been bought (not only that it is elementary to consider 195 BRO - much less expected!), and now "Left time in Sale 00:00:00:00" also became 0.01% and 98 BRO! It what everything turns out have counted at the new price in 0.00001052 BTC for 1BRO?! :-/

  • why the crowdsale extended?? When is the end?

  • administrators

    We have a bug in the timer... will fix it in the next round...
    Crowdsale ends 20th May 12 UTC

  • @admin Hi ! Excuse me, my English is very bad.
    I sent 0.07636005 BTC to 1326PvETgF71PZf3HnmBc2mkCSe45P2uyE for the crowdsale, but my balance still 0 BRO.

  • administrators

    we will check every single transaction before we do the payout... everyone who make a deposit will get BRO...
    I will check it...

    I your transaction is not shown.. please post

    transaction ID:
    User ID:
    Deposit id:

  • administrators

    ill check it

  • Why ico until not stoped?

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