Some news 02/11/2017

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    Hi! Today I tell you about some news!

    1. About exchanges. Uwe sent 0.1 BTC administrators for listing bro, but so far has not received a response. So what are we waiting for)

    2. Uwe is working on expanding the user functionality. Users will be able to add / edit and earn points (as I understand it will be Active Point) for adding or editing radio stations ... if some streams are not working.

    3. Just as an extension of the site functionality devs want to integrate Twitter and Youtube. But for what they have not told me yet.

    4. The main news. A lot of users are using a php-script to simulate listening. Now Uwe knows how they do it. The citation - "the fix is ​​very difficult, and we have to rewrite it (as I understood it about the script) from the very beginning .. that's why other functions do not come as quickly as planned"

    5. In his previous announcement Uwe said that the work on the ios-application is stopped ... But they are again working on this task. It will be great and very powerful. As I understand it already has some prototype ......... or not?!?!? Quote "looks good at the moment"

    6. Payments with MN will be made toda ... Also new versions will be available (stable VPS and 99.99% of uptime).

    7. This month we will have 50 MN. Supposedly by Sunday. There will also be new share for the MN on the site. And all 50 MN will be on the new infrastructure .....

    8. I remember someone from the users asked about the node of the dash, they say it works or not. I asked him - the node dash does not work and Uwe will deal with it. Will be move on another Vps

    That's all for now.

  • @Ulric Thanks for the update!
    On #4, I hope Uwe can improve so that it discourages "cheating"!
    Go Bitrad!

  • What about google recaptcha it shows error and i can't access to the station page

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    @karimsalah97, Screen please!

  • hola buenos dias, como estan todos

  • yay i let youtube know about this hehe

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