Cant do anything that uses recaptcha, login, play radios, ... And site is not giving minutes anymore

  • I really believe in this project, but this week the site stopped to count my minutes again. I don't think it is because fake protection, because I have only one account, opened in only one browser window and I use a desktop that has always the same gps location.
    Another problem I have is the use of only recaptcha for antibot mechanism, it should be coincidence, when bitcoin price raises, recaptcha stops working. Now, I need to do recaptacha more than 5 times to find one right, and when I find it, the site indicates a recaptcha problem and I need to try one more time...
    And, even when I solve recaptcha and everything is ok, the site doesn't count the minutes, since somedays ago.
    So, I'm stopping to support this project until they solve the site, and gave me an option to use a different antibot captcha. A lot of sites and faucets can do it, why this project can't be updated.

  • Recaptcha isn't broken, they think you're bot, that's all. You just need to do them patiently, until they drop difficulty level down.
    For months I thought it was broken, but it was me, who failed to do them, when they're slow loading and they kept high difficulty in place (slow loading or many captchas are a sign of higher difficulty level). About week ago I've stopped having any problems with recaptcha, I was doing them patiently for a few days and it solved my problem.