No payment on the BRO wallet

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    Yesterday, on 14/12/2017, I did not receive a withdrawal from my pocket wallet page. From the '' ballance '' account, the amount of BRO has been transferred to the account '' all time earned '' but this account has not already transferred my BRO to the account behind the hard disk. I have a synchronized wallet, but the amount on the page and the wallet is different from my computer.
    I would like to add that this transaction is not in the PAYOUT tab.Please help

  • muzyk157 said in No payment on the BRO wallet:


    Hallo, there is someone here who can help us? Some admin or somebody else

    I also have a problem and need help. I don.t recive bro to my wallet. and i have a strange massage in my wallet: reward will be in 72 days.
    I did not used it for a long time. May be i need to "reinstall" it?
    Today i have listen radio, but recive NO Active point or Bro.

  • Hello,
    Since yesterday I have not received the payments every so often, if you tell me in the "All time earned" box, but it is not reflected in transactions or in my wallet, the "Balance" box, as it is 0.1xxx to 0 but nothing does not send payment.
    I have an image of what happens:
    Before the payment! [Https://] (image url)
    After the payment! [Https://] (image url)
    As I said, it has happened to me with more ...