Problem with the MASTER NODE and the Wallet PROOF STAKE.

  • Hello community
    I need your help with the MASTER NODE and the Wallet PROOF STAKE.
    How does the investment in the Masternode work in detail? A few weeks ago we made a deposit for 2.5 BRO, to the wallet address that indicates us.
    Unfortunately we have not received any payment or any type of movement in the balance, for this concept.
    According to what is stated according to the Dashboard or the transaction history of our Wallet.
    We encrypt the wallet for security, without the Balance that we have in BRO, every day we have to unlock it and enable the option PROFF STAKE. To obtain profits for this modality.
    Unfortunately we have not received any payment for this concept.
    We have noticed that each day the count is restarted to achieve the PROOF STAKE, reason why it can be the cause of which we do not obtain any payment for this concept.
    Or it can simply be a failure in the Wallet.
    We appreciate your help and comments.

  • You must have at least 1 bro coins into your wallet and it must be into your wallet not less than 12 hours to start staking.
    Each 2 min 1 human get reward for staking. Your chance is depending at number of coins you have: more coins bigger chance!
    first question: this is not a masternode, this is a share of masternode. If you sent coins and haven't get it, that means you are doing something wrong.... I don't have any problem with that.

  • Thanks for answering
    If it's true, maybe you're right. Most likely, we may configure something wrong in the wallet.
    We realize that the wallet also has an option to include the "Masternode"
    Sometimes a message appears on the right side of the masternode that says "It's running" and most of the time it says "It's not ready"
    It has not been possible to delete this configuration in spite of if the option appears in the wallet. (remove masternodo)
    As for the balance of the wallet, we always consider an amount that we allocate especially for the Proof Stake.
    Regrettably, this balance has been gradually reduced by the lack of results. (Available 10 BRO)
    How are we sure of the lack of payment of Masternode or Proof Stake?
    It is very simple. We only work with a single wallet address to simplify operations. We have also taken the precaution of labeling each external wallet address with which we work, for example Exchange Criptopia, Bitradio Dice ...
    In addition, the Bitradio Wallet itself allows us to filter the sending and withdrawal operations. According to the type of concept (mining, darksend, other).
    As we mentioned previously, we have not received any payment for the modalities described above. This despite listening to the radio every day.
    Deposits to the wallet are mainly due to listening to the radio and sending the Exchange.
    If you are so kind.
    We appreciate your help and advice.
    Our personal e-mail:

  • If we have noticed that it fails a lot. In addition there is a problem with the counting of Activity Points, Balance and Payments.
    Unfortunately, the reports that have generated support have never answered a single ticket.

  • udev What do you think this is doing wrong?
    We just have to send BRO to the Wallet address indicated by the Back Office.
    Any additional process with the desktop Wallet? Any kind of additional configuration?
    Unfortunately we have not had success with it and neither with the Staking of the same wallet.

  • @Core-Business-JG If you want to send bro from your wallet make sure that you have enough coins + around 0.001 fee.
    If your wallet is encrypted, you must unlock it before send coins and don't forget to untick (for staking only) when you are typing password.

  • udev Yes with it there is no problem.
    The comment is because the funds (BRO) are already deposited in the wallet address. (Masternode, Back Office)
    We always unlock the Wallet, until we notice that on the lower right side of the wallet it says "Staking is enabled"
    We are careful in the details.
    But there is no generation of income for these concepts.
    We note that here in this Forum, there are more people with similar problems.