Stop dropping the price in Cryptopia already....

  • Im watching the price in cryptopia and there are like 3-4 people keep changing the price very couple of seconds so that they are on top of the list.
    One of them is the one with the 357 BRO.
    What is wrong with you people. Post it and leave it.
    That way you will drop it all the way down.
    What the hell..................
    These 2 guys on with the 357 BRO and the other with the 12 BRO,
    lowering the price on each other every few seconds. ???????
    I wonder who is the one with 357.63938009 BRO in cryptopia that tries to sell them, like right now, but keep dropping the price.
    If you wanna sell now, pick the highest buy out now price an sell you fool, cause they way it goes you will equalize the price either way,
    It is 4 off them. The ones with
    54.45421083 and
    Fighting each other who is gonna be on top of the list for crying out loud...
    Another edit.
    They are closing to 0.000058 BTC now lol.... some people....
    It took them just 21 minutes, to drop it from 0.00005821 to 0.00005799 BTC :)
    Nice job guys !!! :)
    The guy with the 357.63938009, bought it like 3 hours ago at 0.00005033, that is why he is trying to get rid of it lol

  • Bitiofor Well, they have right to do so. If they don't mind sitting on exchange all time and posting the same offers over and over again. I would probably do the same thing but with buying. I wanted to buy a lot of BRO (for 0.2 BTC - 10 000 BRO at 2000 satoshi) after New Year, but it started to rise on December 31st and now I'm waiting for a price drop to at least 2000 satoshi.

  • Of course they have the right to do this, but at the end its the re-sellers going
    for a fast profit, ruining it for all the others.
    He started the rally to sell from about 0.00005850 and it dropped it down,
    to 0.00005494 where he finally sold.
    And all that for about 22 USD....

  • Trading Bots?
    set so that every few seconds the price is checked and they are probably set to always be the cheapest.

  • Free market... thats an advantage of coins. If he can't sell his coins even he goes done with the price, he doesn't dump it...
    Request is to low.
    I even wonder why I should buy BRO... staking? Gambling? Last time dice was offline.
    Resing price, hmm but then I have to sell them again.