*please fix* Incorrect calculation of activity points -> payout

  • I compared the numbers of streamed hours (bottom of page) at 22:00 and 23:00 o' clock (Jan. 7, 2018)
    6881 hrs - that means 6881 listeners
    <h2>Is this correct? 2 weeks ago the number of listeners was about 3000.</h2>
    Diff. of payout was 86 BRO - doesn't that have to be close to 120 BRO?
    on the old system (without premium) every listener would get 0.01743933 BRO for 1 hour (120 BRO / 6881)
    <h2>I got in this time 0.01378080 BRO (for 4320 activity points)
    Although I would have to get more because I'm premium, I got less, namely only 80% (-20%).</h2>
    No matter how many listeners, no matter how many premium users, 120 BROs (total) are the payouts per hour.
    If the number of listeners doubles, the reward is halved for each listener.
    In the following advantage / disadvantage base on old system 0.01743933 BRO for 1 hour (6881 listeners)
    Activity points for refs are not considered.
    Example 1: 25% premium users
    34.285714 BRO / 1720.25 premium listeners = 0.01993066 BRO/h - advantage of +14.3 %
    85.714286 BRO / 5160.75 normal listeners = 0.01660888 BRO/h - disadvantage of -5.0 %
    120.000000 BRO / 6881 listeners
    Example 2: 50% premium users
    65.454546 BRO / 3440.5 premium listeners = 0.01902472 BRO/h - advantage of +9.1 %
    54.545454 BRO / 3440.5 normal listeners = 0.01585393 BRO/h - disadvantage of -10.0 %
    120.000000 BRO / 6881 listeners
    Example 3: 75% premium users
    93.913043 BRO / 5160.75 premium listeners = 0.01819756 BRO/h - advantage of +4.3 %
    26.086957 BRO / 1720.25 normal listeners = 0.01516463 BRO/h - disadvantage of -15.0 %
    120.000000 BRO / 6881 listeners
    Example 4: 90% premium users
    109.830509 BRO / 6192.9 premium listeners = 0.01773491 BRO/h - advantage of +1.7 %
    10.169491 BRO / 688.1 normal listeners = 0.01477909 BRO/h - disadvantage of -18.0 %
    120.000000 BRO / 6881 listeners
    Example 5: only 1 normal user
    119.98546688 BRO / 6880 premium listeners = 0.01743975 BRO/h - advantage of +0.0024%
    0.01453312 BRO / 1 normal listener = 0.01453312 BRO/h - disadvantage of -19.997 %
    120.000000 BRO / 6881 listeners
    Premium always get 20% more than normal users, but:
    The higher the proportion of premium users, the lower the advantage for the premium users and the greater the disadvantage for normal users compared to the old system (without premium).
    <h2>But the conversion of Activity points is currently not correct. Please fix that.</h2>

  • Hui
    how do you know that you got 4320 activity points? Maybe you had less points? There is no transactionlist or?
    Maybe you had in this hour less than 4320 Points, i currently do not get anny points my self, only for referals, since 2 weeks, since premium.
    i hope premium will be removed, because your right it is not good.you didn't mention what is with 100.00 premium and none normal listener!

  • bububoomt  


    how do you know that you got 4320 activity points?

    Because I am able to read. ;)
    This number was displayed before the points were converted.


    Maybe you had in this hour less than 4320 points

    Thats not possible. Maybe I had more...
    But I think, it will convert max. 4320 points. If there are more points, they will count for the next hour.
    I never had the problem, that I didn't get any points (except after 3 hours of inactivity).


    you didn't mention what is with 100.00 premium and none normal listener!

    I thought it was clear.
    The advantages of premium would be 0%, all would have as much as in the old system without premiums. But it's just hypothetical. There will always be at least one normal user. ;)
    The less normal users, the lower the advantages of premium users (go near 0%) and the disadvantages of normal users go close to -20%.
    I add a 5th example with only 1 normal user to the above post.

  • Hui
    ok, you have seen the 4320 points
    i don't think they count for the next hour, if you would have hundrets of aktive referals, they would always be count next hour?
    It was clear;)
    my intention was that there could be a point, you will pay to hear radio and not get paid. But this point is at about 10 million hours per hour.
    but this will not be reached if the problem will not be solved.
    i still don't get anny own activity points, only from referals :( So i'm losing with my premium.

  • Hui
    ok, do that
    i still don't get anny Points for own activity, i haven#t changed anything but since days nothing :(
    Few days before i got some points and christmas i got soooo many points, i earnd 1 Bro/Day, now nothing :(
    I'am not only one with this problem, but no one can help :(

  • muzyk157
    No its no scam, i think technikal problems, if you think its scam, i think you dind't understood how it works?
    Today suddenly i have thousands more minutes, the missing minutes i would say. I think they have now been credited, but thats shit. because i got only &lt;0,2 BRO

  • I have created a non-premium account.
    With my old account (ID ~65000) I don't have the problem that there are no activity points or that they are not converted to BRO.
    But with the new Acc, I've got your problems now. :)
    I don't see any activity points, but they are still credited after several hours.
    Even the points are not converted every hour, but sometimes later (more than 3600 points possible).
    The only thing that works: Premiums get 20% more than normal users.
    But the points are still calculated incorrectly. With about 7000 listeners, the payout should be higher. Premiums should get per hour more than 120 Bro / ~7000 (listener per hour)
    My guess is, there are 2 problems, the first one with the execution time of the scripts, so old users don't have problems with missing activity points. At some point, the script will probably stop working because there are too many users.
    The second problem is the faulty calculation of the points.

  • Hui
    It does'nt metter old or new Account. I mde new one and same problem.
    With my old account i got yesterday (about 15hours ago) suddenly 2905 Minutes credited and got 0,18 Bro yesterdy.
    There its now working again, on other account its still not working.
    It is strange

  • Hui said in *please fix* Incorrect calculation of activity points -&gt; payout:


    What is your ID? (see your ref link) I think your ID is higher than mine (65000).
    Of course new Accounts have the same problems, why not?
    Probably your old Account is to new too... ;)

    is the calculation the same after restarting the server?
    The server is being reset because of the missing Ap's. RELOAD THE RADIOPAGE....
    I read in official Telegramm https://t.me/bitradio

  • The (incorrect) calculation is still the same.
    January 19, 2018 from 2:00 to 3:00:
    Total streamed hours (at the bottom of bitrad.io): +7503 (means 7503 listener)
    Reward per hour as a premium user must be higher than 120 BRO / 7503 = 0.01599360 BRO.
    But it's 21.1% lower: 0.01261440 BRO for 4320 points.