*please fix* Incorrect calculation of activity points -> payout

  • The number of listeners has not been directly readable for some time now. I calculate these by comparing two values of the streamed time (bottom on bitrad.io)
    But this is not quite accurate, because this number also includes unpaid streaming time. This means that the number of listeners is even smaller than I expect in my calculations.
    In truth, the payout is not "only" 20% too low, it's probably more than 50% too low.
    Further proof:
    I compared the values of the last 144 hours (last 6 days):
    payout (increased): 7,824.6517 BRO / 144 = 54.338 BRO per hour
    streamed (increased): 1,616,985 hrs / 144 = 11,229 streamed hrs per hour = 11,229 listener per hour?
    I checked these figures last year when the calculation was still correct.
    And then 120 BRO per hour were paid out, today only 54 BRO per hour.
    This means, Uwe "saves" per hour 65.662 BRO = 47276 BRO per month = 23600 € per month (more than 2 BTC).