• Hello!! I'm new to
    Can anyone explain to me how this 'Proof of Stake' works?
    Ever since my wallet was sync I keep it open while listen to radios.
    Will I receive those 0.5 BRO ? If yes, how often?
    Thanks! :)

  • bruthus  
    Here is how it works:
    my experience is, that you get with 300-500 Bro around 0,5 Bro per week.
    So if you had only 0,1 Bro than it isn´t worth it to let your computer on the whole time.
    You can see how long you have to wait until you get an reward, when you go with your cursor over the lightning in your wallet

  • Costa  
    Thanks a lot for your answer!! I'll read that wiki you send!
    On the lightning it says: "Not staking because you don't have mature coins"
    Just for you to know, I'm new here and only have 0.1 BRO on my wallet that I got yesterday! :P

  • At the moment the network weight is 941384.
    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every week your need a balance of 187 BRO (network weight / 5040 blocks per week).
    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every day your need a balance of 1307 BRO (network weight / 720 blocks per day).
    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every hour your need a balance of 31379 BRO (network weight / 30 blocks per hour).

  • But these are just the theoretical values. They would be correct if the block time is 120 seconds.

    I have analyzed the block time from the beginning to about the end of March 2018. Since the 33rd calendar week 2017, the weekly block time has been absolutely stable between 139 and 145 seconds. (average 142.1 seconds)

    Therefore the above calculation again for the actual values:

    (network weight 941384)

    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every week your need a balance of 221 BRO (network weight / 4256 blocks per week).

    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every day your need a balance of 1548 BRO (network weight / 608 blocks per day).

    To earn a 0.5 BRO reward every hour your need a balance of 37165 BRO (network weight / 25,33 blocks per hour).

    So you need about 18% more coins, like according to the theoretical values.

  • But at this point at the latest you should see that your calculator is miscalculating. :)

    Because 608 blocks result from the block time of 142.1 seconds.

    You calculate with 120 seconds and still get the right block size - that is not possible. :)

    And now comes the biggest joke: No matter which block size you enter into your calculator, block number #608 always come out on the first day.

    Only the annual interest rate changes, but it is also calculated incorrectly...

    Let's talk about it in your other thread Bitradio (BRO) Proof of Stake (PoS) mining calculator, I'll write you a comment about what's wrong.

  • I do not understand your calculations.
    941384 / 221 = 4259 (Your result is 4256)
    941384 / 1548 = 608 (We have the same result)

    941384 / 38165 = 24,666 (Your result is 25,33)

  • Do you understand your calculation? ;)

    4256 / 608 / 25.33 are the real blocks generated per week / day / hour (at block time 142.1 sec).

    Seconds per week = 3600 * 24 * 7 = 604800

    604800 / 4256 = 142.1 sec block time

    86400 / 608 = 142.1 sec block time

    3600 / 25.33 = 142.1 sec block time

    38165 was a typo of me, it should be 37165.

    And you must realize that 221 is a rounded value. If you use it to calculate further, you will get rounding errors.

    The smaller this value, the larger the rounding errors.

    Have you read my other post yet? Bitradio (BRO) Proof of Stake (PoS) mining calculator

  • I corrected the script. The blocks were indexed from 0. So the display displayed an incorrect block number.
    There was also an error in displaying the summary. I will improve UI in the evening.

    Maybe we do not use dividing. We will avoid rounding.

    221 * 4256 = 940576 (940576 >= 941384 [false])

    221 * 4257 = 940797 (940797 >= 941384 [false])
    221 * 4258 = 941018 (941018 >= 941384 [false])
    221 * 4259 = 941239 (941239 >= 941384 [false])
    221 * 4260 = 941460 (941460 >= 941384 [true]) STAKE

    4260 * 142.1 = 605346
    605346/604800 = 1.000902777777778 (1 day)

    I use this division only to display the result.

    This is the algorithm of my script.

    I read your post. But my English is weak, I need more time to analyze it well.
    I made my calculations on your basis. I saw other calculators, but they had completely different reward rules.

    Thank you for checking my calculations.

  • My English is weak too. Don't say you speak German, I'll laugh my ass off.

    And if so, if we can talk in German, I would prefer to do so.

    I'm sorry, I don't understand why you multiply two rounded values, what's the point? (221 * 4256)

    Besides, it is completely unnecessary to calculate every block number. It doesn't make sense to me.

    Why don't you just use the formulas (see other topic)?