Short Update *what´s next*

  • Hello folks,
    today is our last day of our crowdsale (stage2).We sell 975.000 coins. There is no fixed price. Demand and supply create a price. Deadline 20.05.2017 12 UTC.
    If you had made a deposit: Please make sure you have a valid BRO Address in your profile.
    If you want to invest in our crowdsale you can do this on our crowdsale website:
    A short video how to invest (BTC and ALTCOIN) can be found on youtube:…ei9o3sHWmjJPNzAFFDYVclyZU
    At the moment we pay not a single satoshi for ads for our website and for the crowdsale. To be clear: We payed 0.0000000 BTC for ADS.
    We are growing much faster than i have ever imagined. I was hoping for 300 - 500 users during the beta. As of today we have 10.765 USER!!! This is crazy and i want to say THANKS for that.
    It has been a great week so far. We are testing and working on some new features an do payouts all the time.
    This Week / some work we have done:
    Azu added over 4.000 new radio stations. THANKS!!!
    Only valid BRO Addresses can be saved in your user Account: (Some users added a Bitcoin address)
    We added a new feature for users. A user control panel to check radio stations. I have made a video about it. At the moment only in german. We make it available for some users today.
    Later every user will be able to check or add radiostadions. Maybe you will get some rewards for doing this. Sure you will!!!
    Short Video:…ei9rugmbu9UMtTv7dzHdldWWy
    New features:
    What do you think about manual payouts? Every user can request a payout and get the payout. At the moment we do automatic payouts. The bad thing about this... We "SPAM" the BRO blockchain and sometimes we have delays. But the delays are a result of the ongoing development in beta.
    What do you think about a manual payout?
    All core features are working fine at the moment!!! We had no downtime. Last week we rebooted the server and the website was not online for one minute.
    We implement some new features and are still fixing some bugs.
    We implemented a fake protection last week and considered the opinion of the community. We changed the way we did it in our first version. And it should work now.
    To be clear. We want fair payouts for real users who listen to radio. Next: We will find a solution for user who listen 24 hours and 365 days per year. :-) We see that and this is one reason why we still are in beta.
    Knowing bugs:

    • Countdown on the ICO Page. (Will be fixed in Stage 3 of our ICO)
    • Delay of payouts. Bug resolved, but can happen sometimes. -> Maybe manual payouts are better. To be discussed. Maybe a mix of manual an automatic payout. We will implement the feature the community wants.
    • Password reset (will be online next week i guess)
    • Downtime of the Forum. (new server will go online in one or two weeks) We have some features which have a higher priority.

    Not a bug but a big problem:
    We have a lot support tickets from the community at the moment. We cant handle this at the moment. As i said: I was hoping for 300 - 500 User. We cant answer 150 - 200 support tickets on a single day. We will answer this amount of support tickets on a later stage. But for now, please let us know issues here or in our forum. Some user will help you. At the moment wen cant answer every ticket and develop new features. We work hard and do our best.
    We work on / whats next:

    • shared masternodes: User can buy and sell a share of a hosted masternode. We host the node an monitor these nodes. Users will get earnings from these masternodes.
    • IOS App (Streaming your favorite radio station and earn BRO on your Iphone) Andoid will follow.
    • fake protection (user has to register with a valid mailaddress and confirm the registration)
    • password reset
    • adding new stations
    • user control panel to add stations
    • user control panel to check stations
    • monthly charts (which station is hot, which not)
    • payed useraccounts (no ads, earnigsboost, storage for your MP3 files, and much more)
    • featured radiostations (stations can book ads ... we earn and burn BRO)
    • (user can listen to radio and burn some BRO)
    • a realtime dashboard (Stats)
    • Profile stats an graphs (Earnings all time, Earnings per day, and more)
    • a guide to setup a BRO masternode. I will do a video. Step by step.
    • a dice website for gabling
    • much much more….

    Have a nice weekend