0.007 BRO per HOUR ???

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    i see no bad news...

    OK, I'll help you out. ;)
    As promised, 120 BRO per hour will not be paid out to all users, but only 52 BRO (average over 10 days).
    This can be verified by EVERYONE.
    January 19, 2018 at 0:00 o'clock (bottom of bitrad.io)
    Payout 520,422.7772 BRO
    Streamed 15,626,297 hrs
    January 25, 2018 at 0:00 o'clock
    Payout 528,247.4289 BRO
    Streamed 17,243,282 hrs
    January 29, 2018 at 0:00 o'clock
    Payout 532,957.0203 BRO
    Streamed 18,217,136 hrs


    payouts are constant.

    Total payouts per hour continues to fall...
    And this has nothing to do with a higher number of users.
    average total payout per hour:
    January 19 - January 25: 54.3 BRO (over 6 days)
    January 19 - January 29: 52.2 BRO (over the last 10 days)
    January 25 - January 29: 49.1 BRO (over the last 4 days)
    You can check it hourly, there are hours, only a little more than 30 BROs are paid out.

  • bububoomt said:


    Maybe payout meens the payout to the Wallet and not to Accountbalance?

    I don't think so. I had already thought about this question thoroughly, whether it would make a difference.
    And I'm convinced it wouldn't make any difference.
    Last year (without premiums) exactly 120 BRO were paid out per hour (as it has to be). I did the same calculations last year.
    Exactly 120 BRO - every hour, this can only happen if the payout amount includes the payouts to the account balance.
    If only the payout to the wallet would count , it wouldn't be exactly 120 BRO but very close.
    Imagine all users would listen to the radio for 1 month, some users listen at least until they get 1 payout on the wallet. Other users listen for several hours a day.
    It does not matter in which hour or day a user receives the payouts.
    The sum of all payouts in one month must be 120 BRO per hour 24 hours a day 30 days = 86400 BRO per month. This is not the case at the moment, however, as anyone can calculate.
    The total payouts per hour would be different (sometimes more, sometimes less than 120 BRO), but the average MUST be close to 120 BRO. The big difference we now have can only be explained by one thing: faulty calculation.

  • Costa said in 0.007 BRO per HOUR ???:


    after problems with the AP and the payouts everything works well, the payouts are constant. because of the increase in the number of users, the reward is a little lower.
    Dev is active and writes regularly in chat.
    i see no bad news...

    Are we communicating here?
    You were the one you said in a previous post on this thread "no, we have better news" when i am asking why the payouts are so low..
    And then on the next post you are saying you see no bad news ???
    Not to mention this "the reward is a little lower"
    You call 0.007 BRO per hour a little lower?
    How long have you been here ???

  • Bitiofor
    i joined bitradio in 09/2017...
    not as long as you but I can not complain about my earnings...
    it has become less but 4 free,...
    maybe I expressed myself in a misleading way, with "better" news...because there was a lot of issues with payout the last weeks that are fixed now...

  • Hui
    ok, if you payed attation on it then you are right. I didn't, so it was just an idea why it could be.
    Did you pay attention to your payouts?
    i have this payout:
    7397704 0.10271058 BRO 0746370098fc301f268af7299dc5fc0f8ab2596d21d7c03b66605299686aa95e 30.01.2018 - 20:05
    and i alway reload the payment page. I hade today morning about 0.08 Bro balance, than i reloaded about 12 o clock and had 0 balance but for today there is no payout in my list. now have 0,05 Bro.

  • bububoomt said in 0.007 BRO per HOUR ???:


    Did you pay attention to your payouts?

    Yeah, but not all the time. Approximately 10% of the payouts did not reach the wallet.
    But I find it even worse that instead of 120 BRO / hour, only about one third is paid out. The average rate of the last 24 hours was 44 BRO per hour.
    And the devs will not be able to correct this bug within 1 month.

  • Hui
    it reaches the wallet, but online its not in the database.
    i assume, there are to many Transactions now and this makes problems. With less User evrything was fine and now its not working.
    Do you have attention to the Streamd hours? Haow many Hours are streamd per hour?