Wrong block time - to high since 2017 Aug 13th

  • I searched in the BRO block explorer for all block numbers that started a new calendar week.
    EXEL then calculated the number of blocks found and there block time for each calendar week separately:

    Why does the lower diagram look mirrored?
    Because the block time should be 120 seconds, all radio listeners would earn exactly 120 BRO per hour. If the block time increases, the earnings decrease or vice versa.
    What can you see?
    The block time starts in the 10th calendar week of 2017 with 147 seconds (98 BRO per hour for listen radio).
    The lowest block time of 98 seconds and the highest earnings (147 BRO per hour) were reached in the 26th calendar week.
    Since the 33rd calendar week (begins with 14 Aug 2017) the block time in each week is almost constant between 139 and 145 seconds. For radio listeners this means 100 to 104 BRO per hour. The regulation of the block time works perfectly, it is only too high. ;)
    It will probably have to do with the update, which was released 1 day before:
    The week before the update (32nd week), the block time and earnings were exactly 120. Why did you fuck that up? :)
    It would be nice if this bug could be fixed soon, because since then the master node earnings, stake earnings and radio earnings are about 25% too low.

  • Are you shure that you picked the right block?
    Cause just an example... Block 100,028 was created after block 100,029
    So there might be some differences between the blocks you have picked and the ones you should have picked for correct stats ;)
    Also I mentioned, that before the 13.08.2017 the block time also don't is exact 120 seconds... Otherwise it should be a straight line in your diagram

  • Yeah, I'm sure. I also noticed that some blocks are arranged in the wrong time. As far as I know, this is only possible if the time on the masternode PC is wrong. To create a block you always need the previous one (block #100028 can not be created after block #100029). In your example the block time of #100028 must be wrong. Because otherwise the block times of the next 3 blocks would be wrong.
    It wouldn't make any difference if I was one block wrong. Here I have shown the block time of a whole week (i.e. weekly average).
    Since the 33rd calendar week, the weekly block time is between 139 and 145 seconds, but individual blocks in this time range have a much higher or much lower block time.


    Also I mentioned, that before the 13.08.2017 the block time also don't is exact 120 seconds... Otherwise it should be a straight line in your diagram

    I dont't wrote "weeks", I wrote "week".
    The weekly block time of week 32 is exactly 120 seconds. I wasn't talking about the weeks before.
    32nd week: #109957 to #114992 = 5036 blocks created in 1 week
    Okay, it must have been 5040 blocks (30 24 hours 7 days), but we're not arguing about 4 blocks, are we? ;)
    You can check for yourself: (pay attention to date and time in block explorer)
    26th week: #75242 to #81403 = 6162 blocks created in 1 week
    33rd week: #114993 to #119296 = 4304 blocks created in 1 week
    34 weeks have passed since the last update. Not more than 4352 blocks were created in a single week, but there should be 5040 blocks every week.

  • Hello guys,
    we check this and it is true that the block time is too high at the moment. There are some coins which are not sold at the moment. These coins don't stake. So the total amount of coins which are staking is not the 11 million.
    For that reason, the block time is too high. We also have some people who own coins but don't stake them. Don't know why but they don't do it.

  • admin eg me having problems when running the client on my computer, that i have temp internet disconnects. So I dont have my wallet open or even staking. also my 2500 coins for running a masternode arent staking too... dont knwo, if it affect the total coin counter, when they are on an active masternode... maybe you should do the maths for block time with the total stake weight... so it might be more precise...

  • admin


    There are some coins which are not sold at the moment. These coins don't stake.
    For that reason, the block time is too high.

    I don't understand why that's the reason. It can't be that this has an influence on the blocktime. There's not a coin where 100% of the people stake. The stake reward is always distributed to those who stake and this is controlled by the difficulty. If less stakes, the difficulty becomes smaller and vice versa.
    I don't fully understand how the block generation works, it would be nice if you could explain it briefly.
    As I understand it, all blocks are created by the master nodes, the number of blocks created daily or weekly is controlled by the difficulty.
    Now it is additionally determined who receives the stake reward, in addition there is its own difficulty number, which depends on the own weight and the network weight.
    If there is an error in the mathematics, are too few stakers determined who receive the reward and the master nodes have to discard blocks because no staker was determined?
    Or is it possible that the master nodes already generate too few blocks, although enough stakers are determined?
    Is that right as I described it?
    But in both cases there must be an error in the mathematical calculation?