Problems with my deposits

  • Hi. I made the claim because I deposited from my BRO wallet for the purchase of MASTERNODES and it still did not impact. Here I send you the screen shot with the receipt.
    Status: 435 confirmations
    Date: 16/04/2018 22:56
    To: Compra Masternodes BU39WKMyxq3V2dunJhtP5s8yZcLskPvuBm
    Debit: -2.50 BRO
    Transaction fee: -0.0001 BRO
    Net amount: -2.5001 BRO
    Transaction ID: eac4a686ffaf6b1028a062179dfa0bcdb4823805567ae46f7a0038da80b2f2b4-000
    Please, I ask for a solution as soon as possible. Thank you so much