BitradioBeginners how to Start

  • Download the latest wallets:

    How To

    1 Download the wallet of your choice from one of the link above.

    2 Install the wallet and close it after it starts

    go to the Bitradio dir and put the following lines in your bitradio.conf

    Windows users: (c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Bitradio\Bitradio.conf)

    Linux users: (/home/$USER/.bitradio/bitradio.conf)

    mac users: (~/Library/Application Support/bitradio/bitradio.conf)

    Add the following lines:

    3 Start the wallet again and let the wallet sync.

    4 Login on your Bitradi.o account (Website)

    5 Listen to 1 of the 100.000 radiostations. (Your earnings will stay on your profilepage until step 9.)

    6 When the wallet is sync click on the receive tab in the wallet.

    7 Click right on the adress, select copy adress.

    8 Go to your profile page on and copy the address.

    9 When your balance is more than 0.1 BRO it will be automatically send to your wallet.


    When you lock your wallet, remember your password. There is no way to unlock

    your wallet if you lost your password.



    If you must reinstall or install on an other

    PC then first BACKUP the wallet.dat: located in the bitradio folder from above.


    We allow 4 accounts on 1 IP. But you can't use your reflink to multiple

    accounts, this results in a BAN.

    You can have 4 accounts with 1 wallet. Go to the receive tab in your wallet

    and click on "new address". Right click on the new address and copy it on the

    new account you have made.

    When you make more then 4 accounts your IP will be banned.


    Normally you mine with your computer and get coins as a reward. Thats how transactions are confirmed. Thats called Proof of Work (PoW). But there is also a System called Proof of Stake (PoS). The transaction confirmations are not done with hardware but with already

    owned coins. An amount of your coins are on the stake, while they are used for staking. That depends a little on the implementation.

    But basically you get a certain percentage of your coins as a reward.

    ATTENTION: Your wallet must be unlocked to stake.


    Make once a week a backup from your wallet.dat.

    Windows users: (c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Bitradio\)

    Linux users: (/home/$USER/.Bitradio/)

    mac users: (~/Library/Application Support/Bitradio/)

    Some usefull links:

    Bitradio Blockchain Explorer:

    CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations:


    Explanation Proof of Work & Proof of Stake:

    Explanation Darksend option in wallet:

    What is "Darksend" and how to use it?

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