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  • Insufficient funds

    In your Wallet:
    go to > Setting -> Option -> Display

    mark the Box "Display coin control features..." -> Apply

    Turn back to "Send" -> Input -> mark the frist box you see , it will ask you to stop darksend -> click ok

    Now you can send the coin

  • Google Recaptcha problems

    Google Recaptcha uses your Google Account and cookies to view and resolve most of the time. So that this does not remain unsuccessful 5+ times, you only have to clean your cookies!

    How do I clean cookies?

    Simply go to the options in your browser and follow the instructions under History > You should have an option there, e.g. - Clean up your browser history and cookies > Clean up a note about the cache and just clean it up.

    1. You can surf anonymously. If you surf anonymously, this also solves your problem with 2-3 unsuccessful solutions. And you can solve it from the first moment.
    2. Sign in from your Google, Youtube e.t.c. accounts. If you use chrome, simply sign out of your Google Account and you will have no problems solving Google's captcha.

    If you use a VPN provider, it can be that your IP is on the black list and you still have to solve the captcha several times.

  • Backup and Restore Wallet

    Securing your wallet is the first thing you should do to put safe your coins!

    We recommend to Backup your wallet.dat regularly, especially when you create a new address.

    you need protect it with a password too, go to Settings / Encrypt wallet and insert your pasword.

    Once you have a good password, all you have to do is save the file wallet.dat.

    You can find it in:

    Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application data\Bitradio
    Linux: ~/.Bitradio/
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Bitradio/

    Aditionally, in that location exist a folder called backup where you can find copys of your shortly created wallet.dat

    Copy the file wallet.dat in a safe place (several copys are recommended)

    if you have a strong password, you can copy where you want, and recover it when you need.

    How can i restore my wallet?
    Just replace wallet.dat with your backup.

    thx to joao

    How to Backup (and restore) your wallet

  • How to import the private key from e.g. paper wallet or another wallet.

    1. Run Bitradio-qt-v1001
    2. Select Help (to the right of Settings)
    3. Select Debug Window
    4. Select Console
    5. If you encrypted your wallet, unlock it by entering walletpassphrase "YourLongPassphrase"

    6. Next to the > input box type importprivkey <Bitradioprivkey> (Note that the private key must not have spaces, remove them if they are included in your backup)

    Example: importprivkey 5KJvsngHeMpm884wtkJNzQGaCErckhHJBGFsvd3VyK5qMZXj3hS

    sometimes it take while for loading, be patient