- Update May 2018

  • Hello Community,

    today i want to give you a short update on what we have done this month.

    1) recaptcha

    A lot of users wanted a timer wich is showing the time until the next captcha will come and they have to take aktion. We implemented it and you are now able to see when you have to solve the captcha.

    2) Some users with a lot of refs wanted to see a total of the refs showing on the referal Page. We implemented this also.

    3) Time until Captcha has to be solved is on the Radio Website and also on the Tab now.

    4) In preperation of our newsletter we also have some new Features on The Profile Website. Now you have also a Settings Page.

    You are able to:

    - Subscribe on our Newsletter

    - Get an E-Mail when you login

    - See the Catchpa in the TAB if you want this.

    5) iOS Bugfixes

    We made some improvements on our iOS App and uploaded som bugfix releses to Apple. If you dont have our APP please download it.

    Its great!!!…rm/iphone&platform=iphone

    6) We have a new Discord Server.

    From today you can join also our Disqord server.

    Here is the Link:

    7) New Forum

    We also have now a much better forum. Hope you like it.

    8 ) New faucet

    We moved the faucet to our own server to fix issues much quicker if there are issues.

    9) SSL on all Subdomains

    All Data wich is transfered from you and us is now encrypted via SSL. Also for our subdomains.

    10) Table Issue on

    We fixed the issue on our Dice Website. Sometimes there was an Error when you have played. This Error is also Fixed now.

    11) New TIcket System.

    We have installed a new Ticket System if you have some questions. There are also some FAQs on it. Our Service on this Tickets was bad and we know we have to give you a better service if you have Problems or questions.

    12) Listing on Cryptaldash

    We are so happy, the Community did it and we get listed on cryptaldash when the exchange will go LIVE on 19.06.2018.

    Thanks to all users which had made this possible. This is huge for us.

    13) Premium for 0,01 BRO until the end of June

    To celebrate our Listing on Cryptaldash we give you all a Premium Package for 0,01 BRO.

    With a Premium account you get 20 % more activity Points for every second you stream radio. There are also no ADS.

    14) New Features

    A new BIG Feature is also soon ready. We think we can launch it next week. Its a great thing... I will give you more information when it is ready.

    We stopped the last week working on the Android App because we had to improve some functions on the Website. I hope you like it.

    Have a nice Weekend