- Update June 2018

  • Hello everyone,

    here are some Informations for the month of June.

    1) Voting for Coin Listing

    as the most of you know we got delisted on Cryptopia, now we need your help to be listed on We are in the voting now until Tuesday 12 June.

    How to vote?

    1.Register at -> please use my Ref Link, i will use the whole raised amount for Bitradio (

    2. Get level 4 -> there you see what you must do

    3. Transfer BTC/DOGE or any other Cryptocurrency with the value of 10 Dollar to your cryptohub wallet ( I recommend DOGE because it has small transaction fees)

    4. Go to and vote for Bitradio

    5. Not necessary: Vote with paid votes ( 30 Croc -> 0.3Dollar -> one vote , max. 5 votes per user)

    6. All done, now you can transfer back your money or trade/ Wait for Bro to be listed etc.

    Thank you for Voting

    As a reward I pay every user who registers with the REF-Link and reaches level 4 with 5 BRO

    Post below when you have votet. Example: Uwe -> 1 Vote from 30 to 31

    2) Airdrop on Cryptal Dash

    As you also know we will get listed soon at cryptaldash. They will do a huge promo and you all are able to get some free BRO. I am in contact with them and will post about this airdrop when its ready.


    Stephan and Dwarrel tested this feature to provide a new way for you all to earn BRO. With this script we mine Monero and buy BRO. Your unused CPU Power can get converted to BRO.

    4) Listing on other Exchanges

    We are also in contact with some exchanges to get listed. I will keep you informed on that.


    We finished testing and you all will be able to earn BRO while watching your favorite Streamer on Twitch or watching Youtube Videos.

    We will release it very soon. I will keep you informed.

    Have a nice day


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