BRO balance reduced while stacking

  • Dear Sirs,

    Some time ago I've received around 2000 BRO on my wallet and left it on-line for a week or so.

    I've checked each day the amount waiting for staking reward but nothing had happen until today.

    Today I realized my amount (in "balance" field) is reduced by one third!

    Same time the amount in "stake" field is increased by same value.

    Please clarify the situation. How this intended to work?

    Does this means I can still spend whole amount of BRO I possessed?

    Wallet "version" : "v1.0.0.1-61402", Linux.

  • Yes its normal.

    If you Stake, your Balance will be reduced and you find it under "stake". Your Total-Balance still show the complete Balance.

    After you reach 40 confirmations, your Stake-Balance is zero and your Available-Balance is complete.

    That your Balance shows +1 BRO, means you have Staked two times. One Stake = ~0.5BRO