The Litecoin payment is quietly beginning.

  • One of the main criticisms of bitcoin is that it is difficult for cryptocurrencies to pay instantly. Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, foresees the future of bitcoin payments and takes action by designing a more paid blockchain.

    After acquiring the nickname "SatoshiLite," he landed a job at Coinbase, a large cryptocurrency trading company based in San Francisco. Lee left Coinbase last year. Since then, he has sold his currency so that he can defend the digital currency he has created more freely without being accused of pumping and dumping.

    For several years, bitcoin has been the focus of media attention. But people's attention may eventually turn to leiter. Indeed, in the shadow of the modern ICO craze and even the bitcoin cash experiment, it does exist.

    Last week, an article in Business Insider discussed how Litecoin's $99 million worth of stuff was sent out at 40 cents. In February, alz. cz, an eu online retailer, began accepting LTC as payment in February 2018. Alza. Cz is one of the largest retail stores in the Czech republic. They made the announcement via Twitter. In addition, the first lightning network transaction was completed by Litecoin, and 0.00000001 LTC was transferred from Zurich to San Francisco in less than a second.

    Then, this week, Wirex, a longtime provider of cryptographic currency debit CARDS, announced that it would start supporting the currency. Wirex's full Litecoin integration allows users to use the pay

    Wirex added a limited number of payment CARDS, which also promoted the development of Wright COINS.