• у меня больше неделе не синхронизируется кошелек,пишет 9дней позади,монеты не преходят,что делать?

  • vk01  

    Use Solution 2: Complete resync of your Blockchain

    • Close Client
    • Hit Windows + R and enter: %appdata% (followed by Enter or click OK)
    • open Bitradio Folder
    • copy your "wallet.dat" File to a Safe place!!!
      (This File is essential, it contains all Private Key(s) to your Wallet(s) - Should be stored in a safe Place in any Case!)
      delete all Files and Folders in the Bitradio Folder except the wallet.dat)
    • restart your Bitradio Wallet

    Sync will start within 5 Minutes and might take up to an hour to be finished (depends on Connection Speed and available Clients)
    If you run into any Problems please drop me a Line here in the Forum or Join our Telegraph Chat for Instant help!
    cheers Azu

  • привет всем подскажите как можно почистить кошелек от лишних адресов и как поставить рабочий кошелек