RXP pk BTC in India

  • As the cryptocurrency market has improved, the price of each cryptocurrency has also picked up. After the invasion of the Korean cryptocurrency exchange, the current news focus has been placed in other regions. Yes, India is a big country, so each cryptocurrency has hope to gain value here.

    Today's news report shows: rxp is ready to beat btc in Indi. So in the end, what kind of way to defeat than bitcoin, let's not say, let's compare and analyze from the most intuitive data:



    Bitcoin release time: 2009.01

    Ripple release time: 2011.04

    The highest historical price bitcoin: $19,535.70

    The highest price in history, ripple: $3.65

    Current price bitcoin: $6250.99

    Current price ripple: $0.439623

    The above data was obtained by the ripple price chart history and bitcoin.

    From the above data, it can be seen intuitively that bitcoin is released earlier than pipple and the price is many times higher.

    At a symposium, Birla revealed that Ripple plans to donate 2 billion XRP to India to simplify the process of introducing XRP to the country and encourage the use of cryptocurrencies. At the current price, an XRP is worth $0.44, and a 2 billion xrp is about $880 million. It is indeed very sincere. Moreover, the current cryptocurrency price is in a low state, and once it is appreciated later, its price will far exceed 880 million.


    But this will not be a big deal for India, which has a huge population, so Birla's original plan was to work with Indian banks. Later, it was discovered that in the future, people's investment will be transferred by means of mobile phone transfer. So now ripplr is targeting mobile phone providers and telecom companies.

    The biggest feature of Ripple is the fast transfer speed. In fact, this time the layout is likely to have some success. Although the price of pipple is very low now, and it has sent more funds in the way of trading with India. But it is also this move, and the price that everyone can afford, the easiest to cultivate people to use ripple coin. Once such trading behavior is formed, it can be compared in bitcoin, but this is a lot of time cost, and people's payment habits are more difficult to change. For details of the specific changes, we can use the ripple price chart history to analyze.

    We all know that one day, there will be a cryptocurrency to replace the position of Bitcoin. Nowadays, many cryptocurrencies focus on the price, and the ripple really cultivates the payment habit of using XRP, perhaps replacing the encryption of Bitcoin location,perhaps the cryptocurrency is XRP.

  • XRP may stay in the TOP10, but BTC will never replace it. For one simple reason: it is not decentralized, it is a banking product.

    And so it contradicts the basic idea of a crypto currency to create a decentralised currency that cannot be manipulated by third parties.