- Update July2018 #1

  • Hello everyone,

    today I want to inform you about a thing we worked on over the past 2 months.

    We will launch a new backend for &

    After launching and a lot of traffic on this second website, we decided to completely rewrite our backend. Due to a lot of users and a lot of connections to our database, it was necessary to rewrite the whole system from the scratch and also our database structure. Our frontend will remain as you know it and hopefully like it. Our main DEV worked the last 2 month very hard to get this done and we are now ready for further growth of, and other websites and apps which will follow.

    This step was more than necessary because we believe that is the next step for us to grow further and a lot more then with the radio website alone. is our new service for streaming Videos from Youtube and streaming games from Twitch. If you don't know it goes to after we relaunched the website.

    We did not make a lot of promotion for Bitstream because this step is necessary for further growth and we decided that it will also have a higher priority than for example the Android App and other things we work on. We think that streaming videos and e-sports will grow much more in the next few years and we will be a part of this growth.

    To launch the new backend we have to import all transactions we did, all user accounts and a lot more data and have to be sure to make everything correct without losing data.

    We have over 50 GB in our database and have to make sure that the new backend will run as it should. For you, all it is important to know that there will be a downtime of and for approximately 24 hours (We hope we get it done quicker than that). We are now ready for this step.

    We will release it today. (NOW)

    As a user of & you don’t see changes because we only update the backend of our website.

    After this release, we will make a promo as you know it. 48 hours 3 Times Earrings for you all.

    We have secured all DATA and we can Rollback if there are any Problems. No worries.

    But there is one more thing:

    The new frontend and backend are ready for multi-language.

    We will start with: English, Russian, Dutch, French, Turkish and German.

    More languages to come.

    I want also thank Dwarrel for testing a lot and helping us to get it done. Thanks also to the users which helped us to translate the Website to other languages (WlanWerner, Ulric Dwarrel and other users)

    This Release is a new step and the biggest thing we did since launching &

    I will Post annother announcement this month with Informations about things we also work at the Moment. (Whitepaper, Roadmap, Wallet Update, Wallet redesign and more)

    Keep on Streaming

    Uwe & the TEAM

    In our Downtime you are able to earn BRO for Mining... (check it)

  • In this post we will keep you up to date what we are doing at the moment:

    21.07.2018 CET

    00:00 Shutdown of the Website and

    00:23 Making a Backup of all Data on and

    00:35 Backup completed

    00:53 New Frontend online (

    00:58 Backup download to different servers

    01:24 Frontend goes offline (planned)

    02:04 Updating Webserver

    03:48 Server updates done

    04:19 Start of the data Import

    05:16 Some delays on the import but everything is working fine.

    16.52 We will need more time than 24 hours.

    23:02 All data form our Databse is now imported.


    00:04 moving to new Server

    01:51 Website and new Backend are online. (for testing) YAYYY.. (Connection to Node / Payout engine will follow)

    03:11 Node (payout engine is working)

    03:50 Crediting Activity Points is working

    03:55 Avtivity Points to BRO (every hour) is working

    04:00 Masternode payments work (deposit & withdraws)

    04:10 Premium payments work (deposit & withdraws)

    05:54 We still habe some small bugs (Registering a new account)

    12:15 Registration (Mail is working)

    13:20 Login Information via Mail is working now

    14:30 Password reset Mail is working again.

    15:40 Chaning language on Bitstream working again.

    16:30 UPDATE Complete.

    18:40 iOS Player done.

    18:41 Preparing for LIVE

    Known issues:

    Updating the iOS Player now. After that we will be online again.

    We will fix this today 12am and keep you informed.

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