Bitcoin is expected to break through $8,500

  • Bitcoin has long been known to be the most valuable of cryptocurrencies, indeed, regardless of the time and value of the issue. More importantly, its limited nature, with a total of only 21 million in bitcoin, can be said to be very precious.

    The price of Bitcoin has risen and fallen, and it seems to be commonplace. After experiencing the lowest price this year, Bitcoin rose again. It broke through $8,400 yesterday. When it reached $8404, it encountered resistance, so there was a downward trend. As of now, the price is $8,186. Year-on-year decline, but with the regulation of the government's cryptocurrency, Bitcoin will become more mature, Wall Street investor Tom Lee is also full of confidence in Bitcoin, so tomorrow, bitcoin price is more than 8,500 US dollars, it is absolutely possible .

    I even think this is a conclusion, the price of bitcoin will definitely rise. Just like "former tulip hype".