- Update August 2018 #4 - 9 Month Premium & New Feature

  • Hello everyone,

    we have implemented a new advertising system on

    1) Advertising

    Every user or Advertiser can book ads on our Website. For the start, we have a special price for all of you and all Advertisers.

    You can book ads on this page:

    Short Video to show how it works.

    You are able to pay with BRO.

    2) Lottery / Win an iPhone X on

    As you all know we have a new Lottery feature on our website.

    If you don't have seen it you can join our Lotter with this Link: ITS FREE for all user which are holding BRO.

    We also have made a small Video to show exactly how it works.

    Our next winners will get:

    9 month premium account

    50 BRO

    100 BRO

    250 BRO

    The next winners will be determined on 02.09.2018.

    We want to stream this LIVE at 21 CET 19 UTC. All 4 prices will go out on this date.


    Have a nice Week