Concerned user

  • I'm concerned with Bitradio development...very concerned. I've noticed recently that BRO price dropped to 0.02$ (lowest ever recorded). It wouldn't be bad, because it's the best time to buy, but there is a single problem. As an user (and investor) I don't have the feeling that Bitradio development is moving forward. Developers have almost no contact with the community. The last official announcement was in August! - August! No matter what you do, you can't skip those monthly announcements. There has to be at least one announcement every month. If there are no big things to announce, talk about the little ones, just talk to keep people like me - calm.

    There is the other thing - ads. This feature was introduced some time ago, but I can see no change on the BRO burn address (I assume that all money from ads goes there). Actually, the money from bought premium accounts should go there too. The last transaction occured on September 24th. Actually the last 3 transactions where done in September. We need them on schedule! Once per month, once every two weeks or once every week.

    Personally - I'm not listening to Bitradio right now (so I don't know, if ads are working and someone is actually buying advertising from Bitradio), because I'm waiting for Android app, but I'd be happy to watch all the ads, just to keep that burn address growing and helping the price to go up.

    Please, bring order and stability to this chaos.

    Thank you,

    Concerned user

  • Thanks a lot for your Post. And yes you are right.

    Last month there was not Announcement and yes we wa t and have to keep you informed.

    New News feature will be released this weekend. We will post also small thing to keep you informed.

    ADS: yes we are in a bear market and dont display a lot of ads. So we cannot burn coins from this. And we will never able to burn all coins we generate with ads.

    In November we will burn Coins from Premium Account.

    I will check it and burn it.

    Again. Thanks a lot for your Post.