- Update October 2018

  • Hello everyone,

    today I want to inform you about the things we made in September until now.

    1. New Feature News

    At the moment we don’t have a single point for users to inform them about the news we have. Some users are only on Telegram, some are following us via Twitter and other go to our Forum.

    A lot of users don’t know if we implement something new or have news for you (Example payout engine is not working) Dice down etc.

    We can't and don't want to inform you via email because nobody likes a lot of emails. So we have to implement a feature to the website where users which want actual news will get them.

    This Weekend we will implement a News page on Every user can have a look at it an get the latest news.

    -> We will also inform you if we have updated some stations or added some stations.

    -> We want to keep you informed when we have issues or bugs on the Website.

    -> Users see the news on our site and don’t have to switch to different channels to get information

    This was a big issue in the past and we fix this lag of information this weekend.

    2. Lottery

    Our Winners of the Premium account receive the win today. The Lottery for the BRO 25, 50, and 100 get determined on Sunday 14.10.2018 18 UTC 20 CET

    I want to apologize for the delay. If you want to join our Livestream you can watch it here:


    Please Follow us if you have a Twitch Account:

    We will give away a maximum 100 x 5 BRO for users which are online in the stream. Every user can only get 5 BRO one time. You have to be able to send us a Message in the twitch chat to get BRO.

    We do these giveaways during the stream. So be online BEFORE we start with the lottery.

    Sunday 14.10.2018 from 15 UTC 17 UTC 100 x 5 BRO giveaway

    Sunday 14.10.2018 18 UTC 20 CET -> Choosing Winners of 25, 50 and 100 BRO

    3. ioS Promo

    Every user which is downloading the iOS App, start it and listen to radio will get a special Bonus paid in BRO.

    We will add this Promo in a different post where users can post their User ID. At the end of the year, we will payout the BROs.

    This is one Idea to get more Users on our Free iOS App. So if you have an iOS Device download our free app here. And you are able to join this Promo.

    Detailed information will follow. We have app-. 4000 ìOS Downloads at the moment. One of our competitors already has 28 million downloads. It's a big market we can grow into.

    And Android is also in the Pipeline.

    4. Master nodes Shares

    We fixed the issues we had with master nodes. We created a script which is checking every minute if the master node is up and running. If a master node (our 40 shared master nodes) is going down for some reason, the script is restating it immediately. We also plan to do automatic payouts for the master nodes so there will not be a delay anymore. We plan to do these automated payouts every week. But let us check if it is possible without issues. We plan to roll out this feature in Q1 2019.

    We will also add some New Master nodes in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019

    5. Roadmap

    We also have created a Roadmap for the next months and I want to share it with you. This is a living roadmap. A plan. Not sure if we can make it in this time.

    But for now, we think we can make it. Thanks a lot to WlanWerner for this.

    5. Content - 2019 will be our year of Content

    Today we have over 210,000 registered users. Over 20,000 users use our site on a monthly basis. We are sure that we will grow significantly in the year 2019, as the majority of our users have "only" found us through forums such as Bitcointalk and other Crypto sites.

    By expanding the content (more radio stations and a faster updating of the channels) we are listed higher in search engines and reach so many more users. For this step, however, it was necessary to offer the pages in several languages. This feature is now successfully implemented. Additional Languages are also planned for 2019.

    We will develop a feature where users can add new channels, update channels. We want to be the Website with the most listed radio stations. (Worldwide), I know this is a huge step. But with this userbase we can reach this goal very fast and i think maybe within a year.

    Users receive BRO for this task. How exactly the distribution and how many additional BRO will be distributed to the users who help us to update and add stations will be announced. We will not lower the payout rate for listeners. No additional coins are generated. We will either repurchase coins or pay out part of the remaining 5 million coins to the users, who help us to create the largest radio database worldwide.

    We will also use an API from Shoutcast to add more functional channels to our website. Update station logos and add descriptions to the stations. For this, we need users from November onwards who want to help build the largest radio station database in the world. We will inform you when this feature is available and how you can help if you want. If you have ideas about how we should distribute the coins. How can this work? Wich functions you need for this. Please let us know and post it in the comments.

    6. Trademark

    We have invested a lot of money to protect the name Bitradio. This step is important for the future in order to be able to take legal action against the use of the Bitradio brand. This also applies, for example, to domain names with the name BITRADIO. I know that this step will not help to increase the price of BRO. I just want to show you that we are here and will stay here and are far away from being another dead crypto project.

    We have successfully protected the Word BITRADIO in the following countries:






    Czech Republic






















    United Kingdom

    Additional countries:

    USA (pending)

    Russia (pending)


    New Zealand

    Japan (pending)

    If you want to check it:…ails/trademarks/017013434

    (Type in the Word BITRADIO)

    Have a nice weekend and I hope you join our Livestream on Sunday.


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