A masternode (250 shares at 10 BRO each) from me for you

  • At present one generates with MN approx. the 3-fold as with PoS (staken). (30% per year and approx. 10% per year)

    On the Bitradio side, the MN shares are always sold out immediately and if at all only Stake shares are on offer (which only earn a third of interest).

    Although a BRO-MN only costs 56 € at the moment, I don't want to buy it, but rather save it over the time, that's faster with an MN. Since I already operate several VPS anyway, this does not cause me any additional costs.

    Therefore I look here for interested people who think exactly the same. But I don't feel like making hundreds of transfers every month, so the shares don't go to the first interested people, but to those who want the most shares.

    Currently there are 142 MN, with another one each share will receive about 0.2556 BRO per month.


    - There are no fees or costs, all MN rewards are distributed 100% to all shareholders.

    - The masternode (BqnwmSAUpGR6CtAvmAuLyFuGnoE3S2bpdE) is divided into 250 shares: 1 share = 10 BRO.

    - The rewards are calculated monthly and paid at the beginning of the month for the previous one.

    - The shares can also be sold again at any time (without fees), simply send a PM in the forum to me. Since I run the MN, I approve the pre-emption right and buy all shares that are for sale. The remaining shares are offered here in the forum, whereas the 2nd right of pre-emption is held by those who already have shares.

    - I can end this offer at any time by repaying the share price to the owner(s).


    Phase 1: Who is interested and how many shares should be reserved without obligation? (Please add your sender's address, this is also the payout address)

    Phase 2: As soon as all shares are "sold", all interested investors who want to buy the most shares have 2 days to pay their shares to the above address. If the deadline is exceeded, the interested investors move up with fewer shares and can purchase the shares.

    -> will be updated here:

    Interested investors:

    Hui: 50 shares

    still available: 200 shares (10 BRO each)

  • Hui

    Changed the title of the thread from “A Masternode (250 Shares at 10 BRO each) from me for you” to “A masternode (250 shares at 10 BRO each) from me for you”.
  • I've been here for over a year. Some know me.

    For the one who doesn't know me, it is of course a certain risk. But since the BRO are not worth much, the risk is low in my opinion.

    If anyone wanted to scam, then certainly with greater values.