New Bitradio Faucet!

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    Hello everyone. Due to the fact that there is basically only one BRO faucet available at the moment and that I've wanted to have my own site for a long time - I want to announce that I'm working to create a highest paying Bitradio faucet.

    I'll try to make my best to protect the faucet from bots and monetize it as much as possible so that you can earn BRO and help the whole community (as I'm going to buy BRO with money from ads and this can help the price to rise).

    I predict initial payouts of 0.02 BRO every 8-10 hours (those values may change, but I guarantee you - this will be the highest paying Bitradio faucet available).

    I'll probably create a Telegram group when my work on the site will be almost complete, so I'll be able to stay in touch with you.