Node connected, Radio plays and works well but Streaming icons are in red... why?

  • Hi there,

    Recently I have been looking for new radio stations to listen to. All of them always connect to a node and most of the times I can listen to them, whether the actual streaming icons are green or red...

    I though earning would not work for those in red even though I could still listen to them, but I have tried again and found out that they work too, they are generating activity points like the green ones... But they do not generate actual balance.

    It seems that if the radio station is connected to a node and the radio plays well, I mean, I can listen to it... then it generates activity points that will eventually be converted into BRO. However, because of the red streaming icon, it will not generate BRO directly by streaming... although I can listen to them... So now my doubt is: If a radio station works in BitRadio, it is because it is streaming, isn't it? or actually it can still work without streaming?

    And if works because of the streaming, then why are there so many radio stations that show red streaming icons and work, but do not generate BRO directly... ?

    Hope you can help me clarify this doubt. Thank you !

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  • cryptoscar

    Changed the title of the thread from “Node connected, Radio plays but Streaming is not working... no earning?” to “Node connected, Radio plays and works well but Streaming icons are in red... why?”.
  • Hello,

    i´ve tested it today with a station:

    and it is working, i also get AP and payouts.

    Some stations are shown in red although they work. because we have an update of the database and all stations still have to be revised.

    it will take some time.


  • Hello Costa,

    Thank you for your answer and for having re-checked it as well. So, the icons will be correct later on, when the revision is finished. Noted! (Y)

    I will keep using other stations then, and monitoring them while they are working. Regards.