Error submitting form

  • Hello, it's about a couple of weeks I am unable to complete the captcha. Everytime I obtain "Error submitting form" even if the captcha is correct (green check).

    I also cleaned browser cookies and cache. Please let me know.


  • Hello,

    please logout, clean cache and cookies (from beginning) and try it again.


  • Now it works... but Virgin Radio (128751) does not work anymore.

    The same for Virgin Radio Online (52885).


    We had to update our database to get more legal security in the future.

    Currently we have 121000+ stations in the database, but they are not yet optimally sorted or assigned.
    You can access the channels via the charts and most of them are running.

    Due to the necessary work, the Favorites lists have unfortunately been reset, some stations have "disappeared" (not assigned to the categories or renamed) and the genre has been newly created/sorted out and some stations aren´t working and have to be updated.

    We are working hard to restore the standard and apologize for the inconvenience.