- Update for April 2019 - NEW WALLET -

  • Hello everyone,

    we wanted to make a wallet Update because of some issues we had in the past.

    Our new wallet is now ready and we will start this new Blockchain in about two to three weeks from now. Because the protocol changed a lot we have to go to this new Blockchain. This is a complete upgrade (new base entirely) from the previous release.

    All wallets will be credited in a 1:1 manner. If you have BRO on one address for which you own the private Key (in YOUR WALLET.DAT) you will also own the same amount of BRO on our New Chain.

    For you, as a user, nothing will change.

    The only thing you have to do, you will need to dump (export) your wallet into a dump file and import into the new wallet once it's released. Its very simple. No worries. Your Addresses and Keys stay the same. No one has access to them. We plan to release the new wallet at the beginning of May.

    How to make a copy of your Wallet?

    Open The Wallet

    Klick on File

    Klick on Backup Wallet

    Save the Wallet

    It is important that when we reach BLOCK 500.000 please dont send or accept BRO as it could lead to potential loss as that is the date the snapshot is being taken.

    We take all balances from BLOCK 500.000 and automatically send out your coins to the new Chain.



    I chose this address as an example. If on Block 500.000 the Balance of 3,780.10596847 BRO still exists we will send out 3,780.10596847 BRO to this address in one transaction. All-Transactions in our old chain will not show up. Only the Balance will get sent out.

    We will coordinate with Crex24 and also inform Tradsetoshi.

    What are the next steps:

    - Shutdown Payouts from Block 495.000

    - You still earn BRO for listening Radio, but payouts will be disabled

    - Starting the new Network (Blockchain)

    - Waiting for Block 500.000

    - Sending out ALL balances

    - Compiling the New wallets for you to download it on our Website. (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    - You are then able to import the secured file (wallet.dat)

    If you have questions please let us know.


  • You can somewhat follow the development process in their GitHub repository.

    That being said, they announced on Twitter, that it may be taking a few more days, due to an issue that they found in the first public version.

    They have since removed the broken version and are working an making sure that the new version is free from major issues.

  • can you please provide the download link for new wallet :)

  • Should I uninstall old bro wallet and download new bro wallet and how to import backup wallet to a new wallet, thanks

  • New Bitradio wallet 1.1.0 crashes on Mac OS Mojave.

    May be this report helps you

    Application Specific Information:

    dyld: launch, loading dependent libraries

    Dyld Error Message:

    Library not loaded: @loader_path/libboost_system-mt.dylib

    Referenced from: /Applications/

    Reason: image not found

  • No. I tried run version for High Sierra. Because "older" means "early" versions, that was issued by Apple before Sierra.

    I found that on an github Issue for an other COIN maybe it will hel pyou:

    => In applications go to the Coin app that was installed and rightclick on it and choose Show Package Contents. In the Contents directory open the Frameworks directory find the file called libboost_system.dylib now you have to copy this and paste it in the same frameworks directory now you should have a copy of libboost_system.dylib file and now rename the file to be libboost_system-mt.dylib

  • Found this lib in "Content" folder. But, I can't understand where I should copy it. Can you provide path for copy exactly?

    And which file I should rename? Copied or file founded in the "Content" folder?