New BRO Faucet based on Telegram group

  • FAUCET REPORT - 2019-08-09 (Reset time at 00:00 UTC+0):

    Ad Views - 4

    Total ad views - 525

    Claims - 7

    Total claims - 762

    Payouts - 4

    Total paid - 624 / 12.20695 BRO

    Chance to win - 57.1 %

    Transaction ID:

    ae8e64483ac1a097594719c096b5f2bd6c8e329121bac6b3bd4e7ca419ca60e1 +


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    I have made an error during payment process and there are two transaction IDs (for 0.0225 BRO and 0.0075 BRO).

  • FAUCET REPORT - 2019-08-23 (Reset time at 00:00 UTC+0):

    Ad Views - 5

    Total ad views - 595

    Claims - 10

    Total claims - 889

    Payouts - 5

    Total paid - 694 / 14.30695 BRO

    Chance to win - 50.0 %

    Transaction ID:


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    Due to the fact that there are only a few people claiming, I've decided to change the faucet payout as well as report frequency to every week instead of every day. From now on payouts will be made each Saturday and winners will be picked from all claims that were made during whole week. Basic rules do not change, you can still claim and watch ads ONE TIME EACH DAY.

    I have updated the rules.

  • LAST...FAUCET REPORT - 2019-08-31 to 09-06 (Reset time at 00:00 UTC+0):

    Ad Views - 21

    Total ad views - 643

    Claims - 24

    Total claims - 954

    Payouts - 24

    Total paid - 745 / 22.31695 BRO

    Transaction ID:


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    I worried that this day would eventually come...I'm closing down the faucet due to low popularity (I don't know, like 5 every day users out of 78 people in the's disappointing). I'll pay all claims with no lottery and 10x the usual rate (0.3 BRO per claim). User @maxiandr will receive the payment via Tipbot, because I deleted the addresses before I copied them into my spreadsheet 😉

    Maybe this was my fault all along, because I couldn't make a simple faucet site, I don't know...