• Multisend is a very easy to use tool, that makes managing staking and masternode rewards easy.

    The main task of multisend is to send the rewards to a specified address.

    The first step to setting up MultiSend is to go to the Multisend tool, which you can find under Settings>MultiSend as shown below.

    After you have found the MultiSend tool, you will see that some input are required.

    First you choose what kind of rewards you want to send. Staking or masternode rewards.

    Once you have selected what you want to send, enter in the next field how much you want to send.

    A percentage is required. please note that all addresses will add up to 100%.

    next enter the receiving address to receive the reward

    you can also choose an address from your address book

    as soon as all inputs are made you have to add them

    in this example i would like to redirect 25% of all rewards to one address

    you can create several addresses and distribute the rewards to these addresses. in this example i have choosen 4 addresses with 25% per address each

    the distribution can be made as often as you like, please note that for each transaction fees are due.

    Once you have decided where the rewards will go and how many of them will go, click the Activate button. You can then close the MultiSend window and it will automatically manage the rewards.

    to deactivate multisend simply click on deactivate

    if you have made a decision to remove only one address, this is also possible

    If the selected percentages are below 100%, the remaining rewards will stay at the original address.

    furthermore, it is not possible to separate staking rewards and masternode rewards, so staking rewards are sent to one address and masternode rewards to another.

    it is possible to distribute only staking rewards.

    it is possible to distribute only masternode rewards.

    it is possible to distribute both together

    I think this is enough as a guideline, when using the tool you will certainly gain your own experiences.

    if you have questions we will discuss them together