BRO FAUCET EVENT! From 15th to 21st of July

  • Hello, I'm making a faucet event that will last from July 15th to July 21st (starting at 00:00 UTC+0). Rules are simple, each day you make one claim by writing me your BRO address you want to be paid to and you view the short link ad provided in group (you can find it near the top of the pinned message or in one of the daily faucet reports). Remember, you can claim only ONE TIME each day! As protection from faucet abuse, I'm using a lottery-ish system. For example, if there are 5 ad views and 10 claims, then only the first 5 addresses will be paid.

    And why this event is special? Because during this one week, all claims are doubled (from 0.02 BRO to 0.04 BRO) and every single ad view will increase the claim payment at the end of the day by 1% for all claims. So, if there are 10 ad views, then you'll be paid the doubled amount 0.04 BRO + 10%, which gives 0.044 BRO. Of course the lottery rule applies, so make sure you claim both EARLY and HONESTLY to get your reward.

    LINK TO THE FAUCET =======>