- Update for December 2019 - iOS & Android Wallet

  • Hello everyone,

    here is the last update for this year & the last update ever. I am sorry guys. :-D more later.

    1) iOS & Android Wallet

    Over the past weeks, we worked hard to get the mobile wallets out for the community. We finally did it and carry out the last tests. We will release these new mobile Wallets within a week from today. You will have it before Christmas.

    Get your mobile phones ready for next week.

    We will also do some BRO giveaways on twitter, facebook, and telegram to celebrate the release of the wallets for iOS and Android. They are looking and working great.

    We also share some screens from the new wallets and the new player for iOS with you. You find these in the attachments.

    2) Huge iOS Player Update - Apple Music & Dropbox

    Over the past four-month, Stephan also implemented new features for the iOS Player. We have integrated Apple Music and Users which have subscribed to Apple Music will be able to search and add Songs or an album to their favorites. In the first version, there are not APs paid out. But in one of our next versions, you will also get APS for listening to one of over 50.000.000 Songs on Apple Music. (We still have some work to get this ready.

    We also integrated an API to Dropbox. If you have a Dropbox account and have legally bought MP3 files or you have converted MP3s from CDs you own, you will be able to stream these files on the bitradio iOS app. You get also APS for streaming your files. We also will implement a new Premium Service for this feature. 80% of theses earnings will go to the Burning address. We create a function to be able to see this transparently. How many coins earned and how many burned etc. in 2020.

    3) New 3 month Premium Account

    You can buy a Premium Account to get 20% more APS now. Next year on we will also burn 80% of these coins. 80% will go to the Burning address. 20% to a Development Fund.

    4) New Masternode Shares are out.

    A lot of shares are available to buy. We will also Implement an auto Payout in 2020. The owner of theses shares gets paid out every week. Not manually like I do it now. Much faster and more often than now.

    5) (last update - Next one is a update)

    We have successfully purchased the Domain

    I get a lot of messages every day ... Are you the owner of BITRAD? Is there a mobile Wallet for BITRAD? We are not BITRAD we are Bitradio. Now we own the domain name and the Trademark for BITRADIO. And more users will call it Bitradio. I hope you like this.

    We also will relaunch Bitradio in Q1 or Q2 2020. We will change our Name on Facebook, Twitter and also will be available on Instagram. We also will edit or register new Telegram groups to keep you informed over these channels. More Information on this when the new groups are ready.

    The current owner of the domain was negotiated for over 3 months. An agreement was reached yesterday and the domain was transferred to us. I think the name will help us to bring more users to our portal and great community. More Users from search engines and new non-crypto users. I think this is a great thing for us as a community.

    6) Roadmap 2020

    It will be released in January.

    Thank you all for helping grow.


    P. S. I can't stop saying ... We are here to stay . #keeponfighting #BRO