Why some Streams don't work in Chrome

  • Some of you might have recognized, that some streams on Chrome are working and others aren't. Why?

    Technichal Background:

    The Bitradio Website as exampe is a ssl secured website which means it has an installed ssl certificate and all traffic is encrypted (https://). Nowadays most of the website have an installed ssl certifificate (https) and it is one of the basics for a secured website. But not everything is ssl secured, and often streams and other media links aren't using ssl encrypted connections. Now with the new Update released in 2020 (Chrome v80) Google is blocking all mixed content requests by default. Mixed Content requests are happening, when a ssl secured website makes an request to a non ssl secured link, Chrome is blocking that.

    (Read more here: https://developers.google.com/…ent/what-is-mixed-content)

    How does that affect Bitradio?

    As already said the Bitradio website is ssl secured. But unfortunately many radio have non-secured streams. As we are using the native Stream-URL provided by the radio station all Users connect directly to the stream of the radio station. If the Radio has a ssl-secured Stream-Url this causes no problem and everything works fine. But if the Stream-Url isn't ssl-secured Chrome is blocking that mixed content request and you won't hear any sound.

    And How can I fix that?

    We are currently checking for possible fixes: To be updated.