Masternode Setup/Creation

  • Hey guys,

    cause many of you asked here is a new guide how to create a Masternode. We will create a Cold Storage Masternode. This means your coins are always save on your local wallet and even when your Server (VPS) will get hacked they cant access your coins.
    Requirements:Following things should be given to start thinking of owning a masternode/setting one up:


    • 2500.001+ Bro
    • VPS/Server/Computer which is online 24/7 and has a static IP
    • some time to set everything up and keep it running

    Local Machine:

    To start everything we need to be shure that we have our local Wallet installed and running. Now we need to create a new address for the Masternode we want to create.

    Simply go to File-->Recieving addresses and add a new one. Name it e.g. Masternode1to remember it.

    Now you have a newly created address. On this address you need to send exactly 2500Bro (you need a little bit more to cover the fees of the transaction).

    To have a better overview over all of your transactions and advanced feature of sending coins its recommend to enable coin controll features under Settings-->Options-->Wallet

    When this is done (you need to wait the confirmations of the transaction) we need to do some more steps.

    We open our console Tools-->Debug Console and need to enter some commands. The output of the following commands is needed on our Remote client/VPS/Server and for the further settings in the Masternode.conf file we will create later.

    • masternode genkey Save this to a notepad file for the moment. Its your masternodes private key for signing transactions
    • masternode outputs Save this to the same notepad file in the second row. Its the identifier of your transaction ID of the 2500 Bro which get locked during the runtime of the Masternode

    Now as last step we need to create our Masternode.conf The file is located in your directory where you installed the Bro data. You can simply open it via Tools-->Open Masternode Configuration File

    Inside the file you have to put some stuff from the previous step:

    Masternode1 "public/staticIP":33455 "MasternodePrivateKey" "txhash" "outputidx"

    This should look now like this: Masternode1 5JCF8xNTbbHWGqjYwG1oaxjBPHM48TQcnBnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 05db7d72185e6d23fd5b9f971d2715eee193e570c3bb912089d0e5c378ca626f 0

    Save the config file and all Steps on your local machine are finished.

    Remote Machine:

    Now to the remote machine. The steps here are a bit easier. I think you all know how to start/set up a VPS so I will skip this step.

    I'll present the steps on a linux VPS so if you use a Windows Server it might be a bit different.

    Get the wallet from our GitHub ( and install it. Now you can start the wallet on the VPS via bitradiod wait for a few minutes (it has created all files then) and stop the wallet again with bitradio-cli stop

    Now we can do the configuration of the VPS.

    we go to the bitradio data directory cd /home/$USER/.bitradio/ there we find the bitradio.conf file. Inside we need to do some changes:

    Code: bitradio.conf
    1. rpcuser=[YOUR RPC USERNAME]
    2. rpcpassword=[YOUR RPC PASSWORD]
    3. masternode=1
    4. server=1
    5. listen=1
    6. masternodeprivkey=[YOUR MASTERNODE PRIVATE KEY]
    7. externalip=[YOUR PUBLIC/STATIC IP]

    Save the file and start the wallet again via bitradiod

    Now you need to wait until the wallet has been synced. You can see progress when you enter bitradio-cli getinfo This should output you something like this:

    When the blocks counter is the same as in your Destop/Local Wallet, it is finished and setup of the VPS is finished.


    Now we are finished and can start our masternode. For this we go to our Desktop/Local Wallet and restart it. After the restart we should have the entry of our masternode in Masternodes-->My Masternodes. Click your Masternode (Masternode1) and press start alias Confirm the promt with yes and if everything worked, your Bitradio Masternode is running then. To confirm the Masternode is running you go to your VPS and enter bitradio-cli masternode status when it shows you something like this everything is fine.

    Now wait for the first rewards and feel free to stake/spend them

    For any kind of Donation/Thank you or something else you can use this BRO-Address: BUsEA8MpnBvhi14eEZMfX75XeSF15agi2L ;)