Can I use paper wallet without installing client?

  • I have a laptop that is issued to me at work. Antivirus swears at the installation of the client and my work data is most important than BRO mining, so I decided not to install it.
    I beilive that there is no viruses in the client, but my employer does not care about this :)
    Of course, I can install the client in a virtual machine (it's safe). But this will add to the load on the laptop.
    Can I use a paper wallet without installing a client? At the moment I have found only a way to check the balance.…putYourBroAddressHere.htm
    Is there a way to send BRO without a client application? I would like to be able to send BRO to poswallet (when it wll be possible).

  • k0ttee  
    Hi there,
    without Client it is not possible to send from the PaperWallet Address as well as it's recommanded to destroy the PaperWallet after import to an Wallet...
    These are ment only for Long Term Storage of Coins.
    As you might not get an interest on the Paper Wallet it would make no difference to let the earned Coins on our Site.
    As soon as there is an Exchange you could Enter your Address from there to get paid.
    Cheers Azu